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New PV Alert: Yamazaki Aoi – ivy

Making her first appearance at the New School Kaidan New PV Alerts today is singer/songwriter Yamazaki Aoi with her latest digital single “ivy (アイビー)”. You probably know Aoi from her frequent songwriting credits on recent Hello! Project works from ANGERME to Abe Natsumi to Suzuki Airi. “ivy” is shot in …

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New PV Alert: Tamura Meimi – Butai

Former ANGERME member Tamura Meimi is back with her 3rd single “Butai (舞台)”. You’re not finding anything near the veins of an alt-idol rock here with “Butai”. Instead, Spanish guitars and twisted melodies remind me of Shiina Ringo’s foray into similar territory. The sensual latinesque rhythms provide a supple background …

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Tamura Meimi – Butai (3rd Single)

Description Hello! Project: The second act of the Tamura Meimi solo project, a former member of the idol group Angerum (formerly S / mileage), now active as a musical star, has started! Single! “Stage” is a singer / songwriter, Kayoko Yoshizawa. (C) RS ハロー!プロジェクトのアイドル・グループ、アンジュルム(旧スマイレージ)の元メンバーで、現在はミュージカル界の新星として活躍する田村芽実ソロ・プロジェクトの第二幕がスタート!セカンドステージのオープニングナンバーとしてリリースする3rdシングル!「舞台」は、シンガーソングライター吉澤嘉代子作詞/作曲。 (C)RS [note: translation via Google Translate] …

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