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2010 akb48 senbatsu selection and new single

for those who aren’t familiar with what senbatsu is, it literally means ‘selection’ or ‘pick’.  once in a while the management decides to give some control to the fans of akb48 to choose who gets to be the performers in the next big single.  the fans with money at least. …

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a cannonade of cacophonous consonance.

i am speaking, of course, about the amazing japanese band that goes by the name of GO!GO!7188. for those who don’t know, GO!GO!7188 is a band that takes no prisoners as they juxtapose  relentless punk, melancholy enka, and saccharine pop in a way no one would imagine. some songs have …

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simply the best

AKB48’s Takahashi  Minami.  among the strong talents that lie in the group, she will always be the one i root for the most.  often called the ‘face of akb’, takahashi is a very celebrated member by fans.  and although i often fall for the underdog syndrome, she will stay number …

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