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LinQ – anytime (New Mini Album)

Description LinQ’s first mini-album will be released! It will be the first mini-album in 10 months since the release of four singles, selection albums and two best albums simultaneously in January 2019. All 5 songs including “are recorded. The new song “WavyHug” welcomes Sakura Shinki to the center and sways …

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Qumali Depart – Goku LOVE Jodo (3rd Single)

Description From collaboration label “MUSIC @ NOTE” by pop culture event “@JAM” and Tower Records Kumari Department Store has decided to release a new single “Goku LOVE Jodo” on Tuesday, November 5, 2019. Kumari Department Store is a quadruple idol group that works based on the concept of “the world’s …

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Maneki Kecak – Aru wakenai no (2nd Album)

Description Debuted on August 8, 2015. Maneki Kecak is an idol group consisting of five people: Nakagawa Miyu, Miyauchi Kei, Matsushita Yuna, Fukase Misakura, Shinohara Yu. The song “ In the back of there is no reason ” is decided as the ending theme song of Cool George no Kitaro …

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