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NSK043 – WANTED: Water Bottle Thief

Recorded May 9th, 2011. This week’s show had so much discussion that it had to split it into two parts!  On this show NSK discusses Berryz-related events in Seattle, idols in film, Morning Musume’s 10th generation audition announcement, Moshidora, and pink soda, all while Tron battles sleep and tries not …

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Generation TEN

The big news circulating the H!P water cooler lately has been the confirmation of 10th generation auditions for Morning Musume.   Many fans of the “golden age” are excited about the possible reinstating of yearly auditions, while others say it’s far too soon for more members, especially since the four …

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Japan Doesn’t Think We Have Enough Body Organs

Japan’s becoming rather well known for thinking outside of the box, asking questions and creating solutions. A gadget/fashion accessory project called Neurowear has been spreading the buzz by creating a hairband called Necomimi(cat ears)—that move robotically depending on your brain activity. They advertise that one day they can be used …

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