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This was really weird

[youtube=] So I came across this girls videos. I think she’s a youtube star in Japan. It’s really weird. She’s really pretty. And this video has over 4 million views. Cotorich. Enjoy it, David

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I Didn't Even Know

[youtube=] There was a new Ajikan song. I didn’t even know. I’m trying to fight the feeling of not accepting something because it’s new and different, but their new song is kinda weird. We’ll see how I feel about it in a week or so. David

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So What is AKB48? (Lesson 1)

Maybe you’ve been around and heard me talk about AKB48. You’ve heard that their a 48 member girl group divided up into three teams – Team A, Team K, and Team B. Sure, now that you know that, what else? It’s kind of a daunting task to start listening to …

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