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Itano Tomomi – Just as I am (10th Single)

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Itano Tomomi (ex AKB48) releases her 10th single. Limited Edition includes a DVD with the music video. CD Track List TBA     More ITANO TOMOMI coverage from New School Kaidan   Buy Itano Tomomi’s “Just as I am” Limited Edition (CD + DVD) | CDJapan | YesAsia Regular …

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New PV Alert: SAKA-SAMA – Owari Kara

TRASH-UP!! Delivers another winner here with the idol foursome SAKA-SAMA. The intro of the girls in bipedal transit over a gradually building instrumental builds anticipation for the dream pop guitars of the musical arrangement. Guitars drip like honey under the SAKA-SAMA’s harmonized vocals and the drums pound steady like we …

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New PV Alert: mistress – affair

Things take a disturbing turn for mistress in their latest promotional video “affair”. Things start out looking fluffy with the girls acting roles as a cooking show chef, a television reporter covering a local shopping arcade, and … well a television viewer. Given the pace and the aggressive arrangement of …

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SAKA-SAMA – Yume no hate made mo (1st Single)

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Lo-Fi Dream pop idol, SAKA-SAMA released a single! Country song “nezumi no seikatsu” by Pony’s Hissamitsu, digital garage song “Liberty’s classic song” Party Party “, “owari kara” sublimated pop to the idol song, Members Dr. Mahiru who tried the lyrics for the first time” Suui Shinku “poet Ogasawara birds wrote …

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mistress – Artifact (1st Album)

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CD of the visual system idle · mistress that jumped out of Nagoya. Various sound features that lead to the current visual scene from the visual system of the 1990s. Its from the unique view of the world not only the pomp, it can also be seen functional beauty and …

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