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Idol College – AKATSUKI (9th Single)

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Idol College opened to foster a future idol It will be released at the beginning of 2018, the long-awaited 9th Single The original songs of Team I, Team D, Team C are recorded on the coupling 【profile】 Idol College opened to foster a future idol Singing and dancing to the …

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Interesting and re-imagined covers are what we are in for today. GIRLFRIEND, the four-piece girl band from Osaka give their interpretation of PERFUME’s “FLASH”. Active since 2015, GIRLFRIEND come from the Caless Dance and Vocal School which also produced SCANDAL. Similar to their seniors, GIRLFRIEND played the indie circuit before …

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GIRLFRIEND 1st ALBUM release decision! From songs of the indies era to the latest single, contents of the best board which selected and recorded music which has been announced to the present, and also includes new songs of 3 songs! [note: translation via Google Translate]   More GIRLFRIEND coverage from …

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Yes Happy! – Dance Remember (2nd Single)

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Yes is endeared as a “sister” from the Kansai region of the idle neighborhood Happy! And dance numbers 2nd Single release! Mr. LOVE LOVE LOVE of Vo & Ba Terai Mr. Kota has worked on the music of a musical each of the coupling members has the lyrics recorded. Latest …

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