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NSK 190 – Scandal pandal

New School Kaidan Podcast

Recorded May 1st, 2014. Opening and Ending graciously provided by DJ Amaya. Support him at bandcamp! Ending: THE NEW SCHOOL KAIDAN ANTHEM (ORIGINAL MIX) [download] David Chang’s Twitter – @t3hdave Charlie Cowdin’s Twitter – @drako60 David Liao’s Twitter – @rockliao New School Kaidan Twitter – @newschoolkaidan NSK Google+ Community

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Release Calendar

Q1 2015: 01/07 – Aoyama Saint Hachamecha High School [Mechahai no Gyakushu ~Beyond the Darkness~] 01/07 – Doll Elements [Kimi ni Sakura Hirari to Mau] 01/07 – Nogizaka46 [Toumei na Iro (Album) ] 01/07 – Pla2me [Unit] 01/07 – YuiKaori [Neo Signalife] 01/14 – KOBerrieS [Omoide Yell] 01/14 – Q’ulle …

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Community Idol Awards 2014: Mechku

With 2014 coming to a close, I have come up with my list of awards for this year for idols and their PVs. This year was a positive progression for idols, as we got to see the expansion of many groups branching out to the west and some refreshing new …

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NSK 160 – Motto Zutto’s revenge

Recorded September 12th, 2013. Opening: NSK Overture Ending: Borealis (Original Mix) by 13thBeat [download] Yoshi’s Twitter – yoshi_nsk Dae’s Twitter – newschooldae Dave’s Twitter – t3hdave New School Kaidan Twitter – newschoolkaidan NSK Google+ Community

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NSK 103 – I Will Type You So Hard

Recorded July 12th, 2012.  Opening: The Matenrou Show – Morning Musume Ending: Shuumatsu Not yet – Not yet (DJ Amaya Remix) [download] Twitter Links: Dae’s Twitter – newschooldae Dave’s Twitter – t3hdave Anthony’s Twitter –yoshizumitime New School Kaidan’s Twitter – newschoolkaidan

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