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Tokyo Performance Doll – SUPER DUPER (8th Single)

Description TPD 2019 first release. TPD’s 8th single arrives at the timing of the 6th anniversary of its formation in 2019 and its 5th anniversary of its CD debut. A dance pop tune that expresses the fashionable and pretty worldview for girls of the same generation who followed the flow …

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Wa-Suta – GIRLS, BE AMBITIOUS! (2nd Mini Album)

I went to the 20th year since my inauguration in 2015, and my fourth year is entering, I am working actively with 2018 as “Wandering Year”. New song every month from April 2018 until March 2019! Ice food Forest egg presents I summed LIVE TOUR 2018 ~ JUMPING SUMMER ~ …

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New PV Alert: Beboga – Super☆Star

A new promotional video from Beboga finds the girls at home at Village Vanguard as the unseen hands lending the employees help when they need it most. From averting disaster backstage to supplying an extra helping of lunch to drawing up clever shelf tags for the creatively burnt-out, the girls …

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