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New PV Alert: KissBee – Sekai color

KissBee turn things a bit dark for their latest release “Sekai color” from their upcoming mini album “Imaginism”. An electronic backdrop with whirs and clicks colors the song with a little futurism, and the placement of the vocals just under the mix further eschews the norms of a pop group. …

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KissBee – Imaginism (New Mini Album)

KissBee showed a new direction with 2nd album “Pop Honeycomb” released in May 2018. Through the one man in July 2018, their change is accelerating. One answer is the mini album “imaginism”. Please check KissBee which repeats acceleration and expansion with its eyes and ears. 2018年5月に発売した2ndアルバム『Pop Honeycomb』で新たな方向性を示したKissBee。2018年7月のワンマンを経て、より彼女たちの変化は加速している。その一つの答えがミニアルバム『imaginism』である。加速と膨張を繰り返すKissBeeをその目と耳で確認してほしい。 [note: translation via …

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CROWN POP – Gogo yoji-goro no sukidesu (1st Single)

CROWN POP is based on the concept of “struggling to dance to grab crown at the entertainment world”, dance skills and performers that draw a line from the others Stardust Promotion Next Generation Dance Idle Unit (Average Age 16/6 Person Group). Hot live performances Sports and dance skills are among …

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