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After a few months brewing, the rebranded TEAM SHACHI have a new single (I suppose technically their first single) on the docket for October 2. The “Official Dance Music Video” of the song “WATASHI FEVER (わたしフィーバー)” is here to start building our taste for the new release. The foursome appear …

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Broken By The Scream – Noisy Night Fever (2nd Album)

Broken By The Scream profile image

Description The 2nd full-length album from Broken By The Scream [note: translation via Google Translate]   Tracklist Information CD Track List TBA   ABOUT BROKEN BY THE SCREAM Broken By The Scream is a metal-based screaming idol unit (often abbreviated as BBTS). Formed in October 2016, BBTS debuted in January …

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Last Idol – Seishun Train (7th Single)

Description The 6th single “Adult Survivor” released in April 2019 has reached the 1st and 3rd place in the Oricon Weekly Single Ranking, Oricon Weekly Combined Single Ranking, and Billboard JAPAN HOT 100. This 7th single is a single that incorporates the new project started in June 2019 for the …

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New PV Alert: RINGOMUSUME – Kimi-Dake

Complementing their traditionally influenced “JAWAMEGI NIGHT!!” (which we say a few days ago), RINGOMUSUME get back to the synthy idol pop sound with the gorgeously gold-colored “Kimi-Dake”. Dance shots put the girls in pure white dresses with yellow and gold balloons and a mylar “Kimi Dake” piece of balloon behind …

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