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Q1 2015: 01/07 – Aoyama Saint Hachamecha High School [Mechahai no Gyakushu ~Beyond the Darkness~] 01/07 – Doll Elements [Kimi ni Sakura Hirari to Mau] 01/07 – Nogizaka46 [Toumei na Iro (Album) ] 01/07 – Pla2me [Unit] 01/07 – YuiKaori [Neo Signalife] 01/14 – KOBerrieS [Omoide Yell] 01/14 – Q’ulle …

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Start your bets ladies and gentlemen.

NMB48 sounded weird when it was announced but with management fast-tracking the auditions and having a special televised insider look, it’s quickly becoming reality.  Out of thousands, they’ve whittled it down to a hundred and six. The video below shows those chosen few below. Warning: many of them look pretty …

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yasushi akimoto announces another "48" group

yasushi akimoto revealed his next ’48’ group:  NMB48, based in namba, osaka. this brings up many questions and worries.  why another group?  why now?  his second venture, SKE48, has yet to have a team ‘E’, and he announces another group?  he either knows something we don’t, or he’s being hasty …

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