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the knight returns

just when i thought it was over, she returns.  looks like it will be a series of segments where they ask her to do tasks with a suit of armor.  first it was getting groceries; now it’s ordering food at a restaurant.  they could shoot a whole episode of her …

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old school

as guests on a show, akb48 goes old school–performing clips from hit idol songs that date all the way back to the 1970’s. it’s interesting to see how idol music trends and styles have evolved up to this point.

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Idoling!!! – The AKB Alternative

As much as I love/loved AKB48, I think people are going to eventually get burnt out because of over exposure. I’ve begun to branch out and try to find smaller more niche Idol groups. Idoling is the obvious choice. I’ve found some other songs by the already, so here’s to …

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