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New PV Alert: ANGERME – Uraha=Lover

Scaling into the frames in shades in pink and blue, ANGERME’s latest plea for love plays on multiple dimensions. The main set is bisected with the blue ANGERME and pink ANGERME girls taking sides and turning up the appeal: at some point, Wada Ayaka’s set became (arguably) the best looking …

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New PV Alert: Erabareshi – Motto, nee motto

With double kick drums and headbanging guitars is the most metal thing Erabareshi has done. But, their tongues seem firmly planted in their cheeks. You get the attractive black pleather outfits and skull-and-crossbone style t-shirts, hair whipping around, Beavis and Butthead clicking the remote, and a beefy metal guitar player …

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New PV Alert: Yurumerumo! – Okoranaide

When you call your new EP “HIPPY MONDAYS”, you better pay some kind of homage to the Madchester scene of the early 90’s, right? Well, you can “Step On” with this new clip from Yurumerumo!. Throwing the vintage beats on the turntables and kicking the sampled horns into gear, “Okoronaide” …

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Erabareshi – Motto, nee motto (5th Single)

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TV animation “Tachibana-kan To Lie Ankuru” theme song! The 5th single of the new generation Erabareshi who joined the new member is hot and heavy heavy metal! [note: translation via Google Translate]   Track List Information CD Track List TBA   More ERABARESHI coverage from New School Kaidan   Buy …

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Yurumerumo! – HIPPY MONDAYS EP (New EP)

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This work includes 3 songs, including collaboration song “Freestyle All” with rappers · DOTAMA, and all three songs including the instrument of the same song. DOTAMA has written lyrics of ‘Thursday Attitude’ of loosening morning in the past, it is the first time as a collaboration. At the jacket of …

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RYUTist – Aozora Signal (5th Single)

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RYUTist, the new single ‘Aozora Signal’ released 5/15! Referee arrangement is Rei Okii (TWEEDEES / ex. Cymbals) A musical writer · Ishigami Namba (Namba Kazumi) established an idol special label in Tower Records in 2017 From “PENGUIN DISC” RYUTist (reading: Ryustist) New Single “Aozora Signal” will be released. RYUTist who …

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New PV Alert: JyuJyu – 35 seki

JyuJyu return with more support for their self-titled mini album. “35 seki” presents a spook of a story with the girls bullying an unfortunate classmate to the point of suicide. Macabre, yes. But, the restless soul gets her revenge dispatching the members of JyuJyu one by one until they are …

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