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Aimyon – Konya konomama (6th Single)

SSW from Nishinomiya, Hyogo ken, Aiimison’s first drama theme singles single It is announced that Aiko is going to be responsible for the theme song of Nihon TV drama “We can not become a beast” where Yui Aragaki & Matsuda Ryuhei start from Wednesday 10th October. Akiko Nogi, who worked …

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Aimyon – Marigold (5th Single)

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Aimyon 5th single “marigold” This summer ‘s best love songs packed with the sparkle of summer and the pure love of two people is completed! In addition to the midget title “Marie Gold” which is a medium number superimposed by emotional summer landscapes of male and female love patterns, In …

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New PV Alert: Aimyon – Marigold

Aimyon makes her first appearance in the NSK New PV Alerts with her August 8, 2018 single “Marigold”. If you’re wondering why, Aimyon (not an idol) is here on my personal discretion as a female singer/songwriter loosely fitting the format. In her fifth single release, Aimyon starts in a darkened …

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