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NSK’s PV Power Hour 07/15/2017

The power crew talk about GANG PARADE, Q’ulle, Niji no Conquistador, NMB48, Tsubaki Factory, PassCode, Rosario Cross, and DEADLIFT LOLITA. Recorded July 15th, 2017. Ending theme song: “Dave Drops The Bass” by Chase Lim AKA 13thBeat [download] Charlie Cowdin’s Twitter – @drako60 Yoshi Hagiwara’s Twitter –  @yoshirekt New School Kaidan …

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New PV Alert: Tsubaki Factory – Smile

Back to the funk with Tsubaki Factory. “Waratte”starts with a mean groove accented with horn riffs. That groove carries throughout song until it bursts into a relentlessly uplifting pop chorus. Pretty apt for a song called “Smile”, right? Tsubaki Factory play stone face throughout most of the promotional video. Playing …

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Babyraids JAPAN – 〇〇〇〇〇

CD Track List 1. ○○○○○ 2. Silence Nonsense Sigh 3. 涙のち晴れ (BD & DVD Ver. only) 4. ○○○○○ (Inst.) 5. Silence Nonsense Sigh (Inst.) 6. 涙のち晴れ (Inst.) (BD & DVD Ver. only) Blu ray Track List 1. 恋はパニック 2. 新しい世界 * 3. 走れ、走れ * 4. ミチシルベ * 5. ベイビーレボリューション * …

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