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969 – 969 (1st Album)

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Includes 11 songs including single songs sold only at live venues, 969 first official MV song “NEW LEVEL” (scheduled to be released on July 15). First album full of 969 ‘s charm! ライブ会場限定で販売されているシングル楽曲、969初の公式MV曲「NEW LEVEL」(7/15公開予定)を含む、全11曲を収録。 969の魅力が存分に詰まったファースト・アルバム! [note: translation via Google Translate]    More 969 coverage from New School Kaidan   Buy …

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monogatari – Mōikkai kimi ni suki to ienai (10th Single)

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This summer’s killer tune! Monoga, New Single! “Monogatari”, commonly known as monoga. Average age 15 years old. “Monogatari free five big cities one-man tour 2018 – Eh? Mongha is casual!” Finished the whole schedule. In the final Tokyo performance (Shibuya WWW X), “monogatari” concluded the tour with overcrowding enough to …

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