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Hello! Project Power Rankings July 2014

A vigorous wave from guest contributor @thenumber244, here to give you a subjective monthly look at Tsunku’s girls. If I can get personal for a moment, this Angeleno recently completed an immense East Coast vacation where, among other things, I got a glimpse of the Best Buy Theater where Morning …

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[Review] Nogizaka46 – Natsu no Free & Easy

(NSK trainee Quiana gives her impressions on the latest song and PV from Nogizaka46; “Natsu no Free & Easy”.) Nogizaka46, AKB48’s official rival group, has a pretty big name to live up to. Their last single “Kidzuitara Kataomoi” sold a little less than 25% of what AKB sold with their …

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This Week in Music 06.12.2013

Sashihara Rino sent shockwaves through the AKB48 fandom at the weekend when she became King (Queen?) of the Mountain. The phrase “Somebody get a body bag!” has never been so fitting (seriously it wasn’t even close, she destroyed everyone). My excitement and newly ignited interest in AKB aside, it’s time …

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