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Houkago Princess – Kaguya ni negai wo (15th Single)

Gakuen idol who transforms from uniform to princess from 16 o’clock after school “After School Princess” New singles that turned into Kaguya Hime The eighth story to invite you to a world of “after school princess” in a dream and vision. After school, the girls unit which is transforming from …

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Fairies – JUKEBOX (2nd Album)

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Full album of Fairies releasing for the first time in about 4 years! The latest 16th single which won the Oricon ranking 2nd from the 8th single “Super Hero” In addition to “HEY HEY ~ Light Me Up ~”, 14 tracks including 5 new songs full of variety and GROOVE …

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Suzuki Airi – Do me a favor (1st Album)

In June 2017, we performed a dissolution live at the Saitama Super Arena ℃ – ute. Especially Suzuki boasts a tremendously popular reputation, with the recharging period of about 9 months, resumes music activities, releasing the long-awaited 1st solo album. The album contains a band sound number and two patterns …

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NMB48 – Yokubomono (18th Single)

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NMB 48 The long-awaited 18th single is 16 people including Meiyama Koiwa who will be the first selection. The center is Sayaka Yamamoto! Also, for all types of common coupling, Yoshida Akira Solo song of the best girl power movie on YouTube is superb (channel registration is over 510,000!) Recorded! …

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