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ONEPIXCEL finally make their major debut with “LAGRIMA”, the ED theme for Dragon Ball Super. Make no mistake, getting attached to the Dragon Ball series is a big step for the young group. The trio dial back the electro a bit for “LAGRIMA” although you’ll still here some of the …

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The trio group girls group, which belongs to Toho Entertainment, Kanuma Ami, Den Ayaka, and Tanabe Nanami finally major debuts! Major first stage single has a cool feeling of running Number worn by. This song is a Fuji TV series TV anime “Dragon Ball Super” 2018 1 ~ March Ending …

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Tokyo Performance Doll – TRICK U (6th Single)

On March 14 (Wednesday), as the single will be released for the first time in about 1 year and 7 months “6 TRICK U” will be released! The title song “TRICK U” debuted as Heavenstamp, Sally # Cinnamon, who is offering lyrics to Superfly, is in charge of lyrics, and …

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