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Avandoned – Lemon Peels (8th Single)

Avery now decides to release a new single! Matsuda “CHABE” Takeake 2 is also in charge of the topic in the “Learner’s” producer this time. Matsuda “CHABE” Takeji’s handmade “LEMON PEELS” and Coupling features “sign up here properly” that the attention punk band “SEVENTEEN AGAiN” has done! Everyone is happy …

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New PV Alert: OS☆U – Gangan☆Rainbow

The Spanish guitar lays into a lick as the image comes into focus, and there’s OS☆U- out of the shopping arcade and in the well-appointed mansion. The Latin feel of “Gangan☆Rainbow” never gives up, and the group put themselves in their finest dresses for this glamorous shoot. OS☆U probably enjoyed …

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Iketeru Hearts – Lovely Hearts (1st Album)

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Iketeru Hearts brings the first album. This edition consists single CD with 12 songs total, including three new ones. *All the included tracks, except for “HEARTS OF JOURNEY,” are different from the SIDE B edition. “キラキラアイドル進行形、ハートの思いは 複数形、イケてるハーツです” イケてるハーツ 1stアルバム!! [SIDE A]はCD1枚組。新曲3曲を含む全12曲を収録。※[SIDE B]とは新曲「HEARTS OF JOURNEY」以外の収録曲が異なります。 [note: translation via Google Translate]   …

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