Out of the Loop! Zach’s Group Discovery of the Week: CherryHearts

Since I’m living both the college student and working adult life right now, I’ve been out of the loop from the J-Pop/J-Rock/Idol scene for quite sometime. I follow all the mainstream groups since it’s so easy to find information but I am sorely lagging on everything else, and it seriously feels like I’ve been living under a rock sometimes. I’m trying to get back into the scene by taking recommendations or just randomly buying CDs now and sharing some of the ones that catch my attention.

With Band Maid coming to the US on March 25th-27th for Sakura Con, I’ve been trying find more music of a similar genre. Of course, I grabbed the CDs of popular groups like Scandal and Stereopony, but I also grabbed several CDs from some groups that I had never heard of, with one in particular catching my attention, a group known as CherryHearts (チェリーハーツ).



Information on the group is very sparse, with not much to go on besides their official website. The group is under the label of Across Music, and they made their debut with the single “Next Brand New World” on June 21st, 2013. The group currently consists of four members.

Vocalist, Chiho Sasamiya
Guitar, Marina Hayakawa
Guitar, Rie Shiina
Bass, Cotono Himukai

As of today, the group has released 11 singles, with their newest release being Snow Letters, which hit stores on December 2nd, last year. They have another one under way but I have yet to see an official release date.

I first heard of this band from a friend on Facebook and grabbed two of their singles during my last CD order: the latest single, Snow Letter, and their 3rd single, Negai-Goto. I first started with Negai-Goto, which consists of two songs, Negai-Goto and Sweet Voice Call. Something about these songs made me feel quite nostalgic. The instrumentals reminded me of rock music that I used to listen to back in middle and high school. When I listened to Snow Letter, I felt those same good vibes. Most of the band type groups I listen to tend to have more of a metal feel, so it was quite different, yet familiar. It was also a nice change of pace from the Idol music I primarily listen to.  I will definitely have to check out the rest of CherryHeart’s singles and follow them in the future.

Here’s the full MV for Negai-Goto. I honestly wish I could show you the other songs, especially Snow Letters but they are either not on the official Youtube or only the short versions exist.

I’m always on the hunt for new groups to listen to, so if to have any suggestions, feel free to shoot them my way!

If you want to learn more about CherryHearts, check out the links below!

CherryHeart’s Official Site

Across Music’s Official Youtube Channel

Chiho Sasamiya’s Blog

Marina Hayakawa’s Blog

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Cotono Himukai’s Blog


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