Oshimen Quest: Chapter 3

Welcome back to another edition of Oshimen Quest. I just wanted to announce that I am very close to making my final decision. I just want to go over a couple of things before the final decision is announced. The announcement will take place outside of this Oshimen Quest article on a date to be determined later. I have broken my decisions down into something that will show what kind of choices I have.

The Smart Choice: Sashihara Rino is probably the smartest choice. Having her own drama, a regular on Waratte Iitomo, an up coming solo single, and her own line of hand bags makes Sashihara a smart choice in terms of having content and being satisfied with seeing my oshimen all the time.

The Future-The future of AKS is in the hands of research students and there are two that really stand out to me. They are Kawaei Rina and Takahashi Juri. They seem to be fan favorites among research students and I feel the same way. I have begun to wonder if it’s just them together that makes it a good future investment or if I can just pick one of them.

Gut Feeling-Nakagawa Haruka is my pick if I went with my gut. She is the first member to catch my eye when I was first getting into AKS groups. I enjoy her work on Watari Rouka Hashiritai 7 as it is my favorite sub-unit. As much as I like the other members, Nakagawa shines the brightest to me in Watari Rouka.

The Performer-Takayanagi Akane, in my opinion is the most eye-catching performer in AKS right now. Whenever I see SKE48 performing, all I see is Takayanagi going all out, giving the performance her 100% and having a huge bright smile that lights up viewers. Although she is s small girl, her dancing presence is huge and she stands out as much as someone 10-15 cm taller than her. She is hands down the performer that stands out the most.

Stock Rising-Yamamoto Sayaka is a star in the making. You can argue that she is already a star considering she is the face of NMB48 but I firmly believe that she will be a fixture for future AKB48 singles. You can call me crazy but I think she will break out of undergirls and will be in senbatsu status for the up-coming election.

The Dark Horse-Someone who I’ve liked consistently through out my fandom is Yagami Kumi. She’s equipped with good looks, performing ability, energy, humor and many other characteristics that have held my attention consistently. She always holds senbatsu status in SKE48 so there’s no worry of shortage of her.

The Unknown-We have yet to see anything out of HKT48 but I don’t think it’s too early to start looking at the members. The two that stick out to me are Sugamoto Yuko and Miyawaki Sakura. Sugamoto Yuko seems to be the most popular member currently for good reason.

Miyawaki Sakura is also one of the more popular members of HKT48 and it helps that she is part of Matsui Rena’s Melon Pan Alliance. I can only hope to see an announcement for a single some time in the coming months.

There you have it, folks. These members are the TRUE finalists. The next post for Oshimen Quest will be the one where I will announce the time and date for the declaration announcement. Stay tuned…

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  1. I think you should go with your gut feeling.

  2. Haha so it’s finally down to the wire? I will say that having a KKS as an oshimen is hard because the amount of media available is very limited; I have to rely on G+ and fan blogs for their Mobame posts, but it makes their rare appearances on shows that much more exciting. However I wouldn’t be surprised if the next KKS to be promoted is one of your two candidates, both are ace material especially Ricchan.

    • Finally responses that are supportive! People around me have been giving me a hard time for being a DD and one person in particular will tear me a new one after the announcement. Thanks for the responses! I completely agree with you on that though, Greg.

  3. Anthony…You should already know who I support.


    Who doesn’t want an oshimen that is still treated as an unpopular member but can be seen EVERYWHERE?

    • Yeah, I know very well lol. We’ll see, man!

    • Oh yea, just make sure you just pick the one you know you is the first person you will want to meet at a handshake event. I may support Sashi but pick whomever is best for you.

      Also, I never understood what’s wrong with being DD…

    • Based on what he’s written, I view a Sasshi pick as “marrying for money” and a Harugon pick as “marrying for love.” I don’t think Anthony doesn’t like Sasshi but the “smart choice” label just doesn’t sound right. I mean you wouldn’t tell a girl that you want to marry her because she’s the “smart choice.”

      Takayanagi the best performer might be marrying for…ok I won’t go there since there might be kids reading.

      From what I read on Tumblr, Sayanee might be radioactive. I’d stay away from her.

  4. The way I think of it is, following idols is in itself an activity that defies sound reasoning, so why use reason in picking your oshimen? Go with your gut!

  5. Hmm, think you’ve gotta go with your gut dude, you cant really go with the ‘smart’ choice in this type of thing!

  6. Thanks for the response guys! Keep ’em coming. Hopefully I can announce when the declaration will take place soon!

  7. Out of of all these members this must be a really tough decision for you, I look forward to the announcement!
    I’m thinking you should go with your gut, its seems like the right thing to do for this kind of decision.

  8. Marry for love doesn’t always work out guys. Ask anyone. It’s not always a sure thing.

    Now Yagami on the other hand… THAT’S A DIFFERENT STORY!

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