Oshimen Quest: Chapter 1

Oshimen Quest: Chapter 1

Welcome to Oshimen Quest. Press start to begin the game… Uh oh, sorry, you can’t play the game until you pick an oshimen…WHAT!? I need an oshimen to play? Well… I don’t have one yet… What do I do?

With my quest to finding my oshimen about to begin, I will chronicle my thoughts on my top candidates and hopefully one day figure out who deserves my undying loyalty.

The top 25 candidates are shown in the fantastic logo done by our very own Dae Lee. Here are the top 5 candidates at this point: Sashihara Rino of Team A, Nakagawa Haruka of Team A, Kinoshita Yukiko of Team S, Takayanagi Akane of Team KII, and Watanabe Miyuki of Team N.

The candidates that were close to making my top 5 are, Yamamoto Sayaka of Team N, Yagami Kumi of Team S, and Yokoyama Yui of Team K. Every ranking update is subject to change based on the quality of media appearances, the ability to showcase more of their personality, PVs, performances, content from blog/Google+ posts. The issue with some members like Nakagawa Haruka and Kinoshita Yukiko are that they are not senbatsu members and have little media exposure(Kinoshita was dropped from senbatsu for Kataomoi Finally).

I will do my best to not use the amount of exposure to determine my oshimen but when someone like Sashihara is on TV consistently, I’m afraid that it gives me more information to make my decision more likely in the favor of Sashihara. So, I’ll need input from the New School Kaidan community to tell me, “Go see Nakagawa in this” or “Kinoshita was fantastic here” so I can take a look and base my rankings and my final decision on quality rather than quantity.

Here are my current thoughts on my Top 5:

Sashihara Rino

  • Positives-Humorous, Relatable, Great on TV.
  • Negatives-terrible at almost anything(charming at times/double edged sword). Excessive media exposure may tire me out.

Nakagawa Haruka

  • Positives-First girl to standout to me just looking at pictures of AKB48 members, athletic, bright, cute voice.
  • Negatives-Not enough media exposure. When on TV or other media, does not really stand out in terms of impact on the show.

Kinoshita Yukiko

  •  Positives-Fun to watch her dance, seems overall likeable and well put together personality-wise.
  • Negatives-Not enough media exposure. Seems talented but does not stay in senbatsu consistently.

Takayanagi Akane

  • Positives-Passionate. Good cook. Athletic. Cute voice.
  • Negatives-Pictures of her and her boyfriend from before joining SKE48.

Watanabe Miyuki

  • Positives-Very alluring. Funny airheadedness. Pleasant aura.
  • Negatives-Inconsistent senbatsu-wise so far(work ethic? Scandal?) Pictures of her on an apparent double date(?)


Here’s a quick overview of recent news affecting the top 25 candidates for oshimen.


NMB48 performs their new single “Junjou U-19” on “HEY!HEY!HEY!”. Yamamoto Sayaka is at center and Watanabe Miyuki is back in senbatsu. I’m excited to see Watanabe Miyuki back in senbatsu!


SKE48 performs their new single “Kataomoi Finally” on “HEY!HEY!HEY!”.

Takayanagi Akane is featured in a love triangle in the PV.

Kimoto Kanon and Yagami Kumi is shocking many fans with their kiss.

Furukawa Airi back in senbatsu and being featured quite a bit on Matsui Rena’s Google+ posts.

Kinoshita Yukiko dropped from senbatsu. All SKE48 members are creating a positive buzz except for Kinoshita Yukiko.


Sashihara Rino to get her first photobook and her first solo commercial for the game “Maple Story” also will be in a drama.

Shimada Haruka getting mentions from Maeda Atsuko and received a birthday card from Oshima Yuko.

I came to realization after discussing this Oshimen Quest concept with David and Dae this week during podcast EP 77 that this may not help in picking my oshimen. Dae made a great point that he picked his oshimen early. Kind of like picking your favorite sports team based on geography or for whatever reason.

This concludes Chapter 1 of Oshimen Quest. I’d like to hear feedback from the New School Kaidan community and let me know if I’m missing out on some stuff. It doesn’t have to be new, it can be older content as well. Leave comments and feedback and hit me up on twitter @ www.twitter.com/yoshizumitime

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  1. Screw what everyone else says! I’m rooting for Sashi! Woo!

    I have to say out of the Top 5, I always found Sashihara’s personality more realistic than most idols. She seems like a girl I could meet in real life. Plus, She’s damn hilarious. I personally disagree with the media appearances tiring you out because I still love Maeda Atsuko and Oshima Yuko even though I see them everywhere, why should it be different for Sashi?

    • The thing is, I usually root for underdogs. As soon as I started following AKB48, I pretty much knew then and there that I wouldn’t be a die-hard fan of top-tier members. Don’t get me wrong, I enjoy Oshima Yuko, Watanabe Mayu, and Kojima Haruna but they don’t feel like someone I can support with my undying loyalty. Sashihara is a really interesting case. She’s everywhere these days but still has that underdog image. I’m wondering if her underdog image will go away and my interest will go away with it. Thanks for the response! This is exactly what I need to help me sort things out! Keep the comments coming!

  2. The fact that Yagami Kumi is not in your Top 5 makes this list’s credibility come into question….

  3. Interesting to see in your list Sasshi, Churi and Milky and yet you say you root for underdogs, True Sasshi is am Underdog, but she’s the underdog that made it, whatever her personality may be she ani’t no underdog now,

    Churi is full on wonderful, really love this girl both for her personality and her guts (note senbatsu elections last year, asking Aki-P for a KII stage) again though, and underdog? not so much any more, she could even make senbatsu this year too…

    As for Milky, well the girl is delightful, what you said about the pleasant aura is definatly true, it’s the one thing I got about her and I do actually feel very pleasant eveytime she’s on the screen, again though, now that her troubles are behind her, not much of an underdog….

    • Well NMB as a whole are “underdogs” as far as the big picture of AKS groups; but I agree that as NMB and SKE get more prominent, that underdog flava is gonna be gone. Something to consider in the future :U

  4. http://v.youku.com/v_show/id_XMzMzODMzMzI4.html
    Not sure if you’ve watched this already or not but it’s a link to a show that Watarirouka Hashiritai7 guested on in December. On about the 10 minute mark they show some footage of her being great. Around 8:30 a question about her is asked which leads to her doing a funny impersonation of a man who orchestrates an orchestra (I forget the word of what those people are called).
    Them parts are the main parts I can remember involving her but I think she does get more throughout the programme.

    Personally I think finding an oshimen is an almost impossible task so good luck on finding one. I hope the video I linked helps.

    • Anthony Hagiwara

      Thanks, Yeti! I’m gonna watch this right now!

      As for Will and Dae, I don’t think I’m picky with their actual status. They can be the center but if they give off the underdog image, I think it’s a positive. I’m not quite sure what to think. I still need to clear my thoughts on the reasons why I pick these girls as favorites.

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