Oshimen Analysis: Garry

Here’s another installment of “Oshimen Analysis”. This time, we take a look at NSK staff member, Garry’s fandom!

1. How do you define an oshimen?

The member of an idol group that you give as much of/all of your support to as possible. Basically your absolute favourite member of the group.

2. Name up to three of your oshimen(s) from up to three different idol groups.

AKB48 – Komori Mika, SKE48 – Matsui Jurina, NMB48 – Yamada Nana

3. How long did it take you to pick your oshimen(s) after discovering the group or your oshimen?

Typically 2-3 months, I don’t like to just jump into things recklessly. In Komori’s case it took longer because it’s harder for girls outside of the top tier in AKB to stand out right away.

Yoshi: This is a very good point. I felt like this was the case for me when I was in the process of picking Nakagawa Haruka. She does not see much time in the limelight. Might be why I haven’t picked an oshimen in NMB48 since I feel conflicted about several members of NMB. The obvious ones being Yamamoto Sayaka, Watanabe Miyuki and Ogasawara Mayu but I feel compelled to “oshi” a lower-tier member who has a bright future like Yagura Fuuko.

4. When did you first take notice of your oshimen(performance, photos, TV shows, etc)?

Mainly TV shows (AKBINGO!, Shukan, Naniwa Nadeshiko, etc) but looking at pictures online did help to spark interest too.

5. How do you keep up with following your oshimen(TV shows, blogs, etc)?

TV shows, Google+, member blogs, tumblr, twitter, etc.

6. Can you see yourself having a romantic relationship with your oshimen if you had the chance? Are your oshimen more so about supporting them than it being about dating them?

I mean, if the opportunity came up why not? YOLO and all that, right? More realistically, the main reason that I oshimen these girls is to support them. Romantic feelings are never really involved at all.

7. Name a few reasons why you picked them as an oshimen? Do any of your oshimens’ qualities match up with your other oshimen or what you look for in a real woman?

I like people who have strong/interesting personalities. I think all of my oshimen have personalities that fall into those categories. People being themselves (I get that these girls probably aren’t being 100% themselves) is also something that’s important to me because I really don’t like it when people are “fake”. Again, I think for the most part this matches up. Being able to laugh and joke around is also something that I like because I’m a pretty serious dude most of the time. I’d say again that this is reflected to varying degrees in all of my oshimen.

I’m not sure I really answered this question very well but as for if these are qualities I’d look for in a real woman? Absolutely, so if the above sounds like you and you want to hook up you can contact me at…….

Yoshi: You can contact Garry on twitter.

Garry’s fandom is very straightforward, just like his personality. Very true to his values but he always sprinkles in some sarcasm like he always does. Garry is a level-headed, mature fan who knows what he wants and he ain’t leaving without getting what he wants.

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