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Here’s the first edition of “Oshimen Analysis” for you guys! This one features me and my oshimen. Why don’t you take a moment analyze what my oshimen means to me!

1. How do you define an oshimen?

I think it’s something along of lines of supporting your favorite idol for whatever reason you think qualifies them for you to have the confidence in saying, “(insert member name) is my oshimen”. I think for me, the word is somewhere between the want to support them for whatever reason and the epitome of a dream girl. The word “oshi(osu as a verb)” is defined as “recommend or to nominate” by Yahoo Dictionary. It’s kind of like having the ability to suggest and recommend your oshimen to someone who has no interest in that member.

2. Name up to three of your oshimen(s) from up to three different idol groups.

Nakagawa Haruka from AKB48

Momota Kanako from Momoiro Clover Z

Negishi Ai from PASSPO

3. How long did it take you to pick your oshimen(s) after discovering the group or your oshimen?

It took me several months for AKB48. Chronicled here.  Although I did admit that I knew all along that it would be Nakagawa Haruka.

About a month or two after I started getting into Momoclo earlier this year for Momota Kanako.

It was very quick for Negishi Ai. I read about her personality and interests, saw her a couple of times in a couple of PVs and was ready to sign on the dotted line.

4. When did you first take notice of them(performance, photos, TV shows, etc)?

I noticed Nakagawa Haruka first when I was looking at member profiles on AKPedia. The first girls to stand out to me were Kuramochi Asuka, Nakagawa Haruka, Akimoto Sayaka, Kikuchi Ayaka, Miyazawa Sae, Yokoyama Yui, Kitahara Rie, Masuda Yuka, Watanabe Mayu. This was just purely from looking at pictures of them and reading their personal profiles. Then I started to research sub-units and got into Watari Rouka Hashiritai 7. I was pretty much sold on WH7 from the start. I liked all the members and Nakagawa Haruka being in there was a plus. That’s when I first truly saw Nakagawa Haruka performing on PVs.

I was watching Drako broadcast the Momoclo Summer Dive concert from last year and took notice of Momota Kanako and Tamai Shiori. I noticed that Kanako was the center for Momoclo and was drawn to her intense performing and took notice. That was my first exposure to Momoclo and helped me lead to Kanako.

Negishi Ai was really quick for me. I’ve been listening to PASSPO since late last year but never took the time to watch their PVs. What triggered my quest to find PASSPO PVs was the release of “Kimi wa Boku wo Sukininaru”. When I watched that PV and saw Negishi Ai, I got a good feeling about her.

5. How do you keep up with following your oshimen(TV shows, blogs, etc)?

I follow Nakagawa Haruka’s Google+ and what little TV appearances she has. She’s in the auto club so she actually has a show she’s on consistently but really doesn’t match what I look for in idol content as a show since the show features various guests and random trips to restaurants and shopping places. Maybe with her transfer to JKT, we’ll see some more content from her.

I check Kanako’s blog from time to time and watch Momoclo’s TV appearances. Momoclo is an up and comer so there’s still not as much content as idols in AKS. I try to catch all of Momoclo’s variety show appearances and watch all concert footage available. Momoclo’s live shows are one of the bigger reasons why I got into them and Kanako.

PASSPO has little to offer in terms of TV appearances so I won’t even discuss that. I check Negishi Ai’s blog regularly for her very responsible blog pictures. I also follow her on twitter where she’s usually sad about how she hasn’t played the recent “Tales…” RPG games or how cold it is outside. I try to catch whatever live shows they stream and find what I can relating to PASSPO.

6. Can you see yourself having a romantic relationship with your oshimen(s) if you had the chance? Are your oshimen(s) more so about supporting them than it being about dating them(case by case)?

I can definitely see myself dating someone like Negishi Ai. Someone reserved, into video games and an all around indoor type. As for Nakagawa Haruka, my fandom for her is more so support but I wouldn’t say that she is totally incompatible. I feel like Nakagawa is definitely more of the classic sense of “oshi” where it’s more for support. Same for Momota Kanako.

7. Name a few reasons why you picked them as an oshimen? Do any of your oshimens’ qualities match up with your other oshimen or what you look for in a real woman?

Nakagawa Haruka for me was a really cute girl that stuck out to me and just enjoyed seeing her in Watari Rouka and how she is considered an adult age-wise but looks and acts like a child. I thought that disconnect was pretty funny and stuck with me.

My fandom of Momota Kanako started with being impressed with her ability to perform since the first thing  I saw from Momoclo was the Summer Dive concert from last year. I was astounded by how much movement is involved with Momoclo’s choreography and the fact that they sing on top of the intense choreography blew me away. I respect Momota Kanako and Momoclo for their ability to perform. I believe their live performances are where it’s at in terms of seeing idols live these days.

Negishi Ai is a responsible woman. She has what it takes to fish millions of people but decides not to. My “dream” girl situation is someone who millions would want but doesn’t show off her charms to the masses. Kind of like the hot girl in high school who doesn’t know it.

I don’t see too many similarities between my oshimen. The closest thing would be that Nakagawa Haruka and Momota Kanako are more childish than their age would suggest.

More Thoughts:

Having an oshimen is interesting. It’s like having a favorite sports team. It adds value to just being a fan of music/sports. The moment you see your member on screen, it adds more to the experience of just trying to enjoy the music/performance.

I say have as many oshimen as you want. There are no laws or penalties tied to it. The only issue would be if you were faced with the question, “Am I your oshimen?” at a handshake event, can you say it is them guilt free? If you want to be a DD and love everybody, go for it! If you want to only support one member and not care about other members, do it! You don’t have to love all idols but you should enjoy all of them!

So, there you have it! Those are my thoughts on my fandom. If you’d like to be featured on this series and would like to be analyzed by me, copy the questions from this page and submit your answers through our contact page and put “Oshimen Analysis” on the subject line. I hope you enjoyed reading my “Oshimen Analysis”!

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  1. That was very interesting. Nakagawa Haruka is a good choice for an oshimen. :) You are right about it being like your favorite sports team.

    I think people get too caught up in the whole DD/MD thing. I mean sometimes I can see why but most of the time like you said just enjoy them all. That is partly what idols are about right?

  2. Nice breakdown. This is kind of like the Wota edition of those questions at then end of “Inside the Actor’s Studio”.

  3. Love this! Really like getting more info on Passpo, too, since I’m actively trying to learn all the girls’ names and faces at the moment.

  4. Thank you for sharing these nice information, when you know a group of idols you start to focus in their members, sometime you like all the members, but in the end there is a member who stand out among the others, & that’s for sure depend on your standard, preference & personality.
    What get me to know AKB48 is Warota7, Harugon & Mayuyu attracted me the most & the digging has began, until I open a big door of the big world AKB48, little by little I found about this amazing member called Takahashi Minami, she became not just my oshimen, but my role model in life.

  5. Idol fandom tends to remind me of sports because the fans can get as rabid as sports fans at live events cheering for their favorite teams. At the same time, it all stems from a pure desire to support the one(s) you wish the best for. It’s an interesting parallel, really.

    I think I still tend to subscribe to the one-oshimen forever traditional/purist/classical/whatever view, but I can get more into that in my own analysis.

    I’m really liking how this feature series is turning out, thanks for doing it, Anthony!

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