The day finally came.  She performed her last Team K performance on the 27th, and is now a graduate of AKB48, free to pursue other career options(which at the moment is being an actress).  She was arguably my favorite member from Team K, and man it’s gonna suck not seeing her featured in variety shows and performances.

Who will perform Tonari no Banana?

Or Wagamama na Nagareboshi?


Become a great actress so I can at least see you in some good films!

This better not be the last I hear of Ono Erena.

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    We will probably see her back in Request List.. or else..

    + The last video is private.

  2. yea i thought that would happen; which is why i downloaded it just in case to re-upload it myself! i always win!

    she better come back for request list best 100…but seeing how she may be going abroad, who knows =_=

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