One Mommy, Three Daddies?

tI’m not going to go around defending Japanese Dramas. They’re weird and a lot of times have ridiculous premises. Korean dramas are similar but also completely different. I think there’s a lot more drama in Korean Dramas. I don’t know how I can exactly explain that except to say that the one pictured above is about a woman who’s husband couldn’t have children so they got donated sperm. The husband dies and she has a child. For some odd reason, they don’t know who the father is. It’s one of those three.

There are all sorts of holes in the story. I don’t even want to begin to try to talk about them, but I am looking for watch the k-drama for the sole purpose that Eugene Kim is the female lead/mommy. You should recognize her from her being the Kpop’s first major girl group S.E.S.


Can someone help me find this drama?

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  1. sorry but could only find episodes on video sharing sites like youtube and dailymotion…so quality isnt that good.

  2. sent you an email regarding this Drama Series David..

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