On the Sixth Day

813,320 copies sold! This is another “first week” first for AKB, having surpassed Heavy Rotation’s insane first week sales by nearly 300,000 copies.

Below was a list of Japan’s top ten best first week sales of all time.  I say “was” because AKB48’s ‘Beginner’ now takes the 9th position.  No one in the past ten years have been able to chart, and AKB has carved themselves another little place in history.

1 1,208,230 名もなき詩 Mr.Children 1 1996/2/5
2 1,067,510 Addicted To You 宇多田ヒカル 1 1999/11/10
3 1,025,740 だんご3兄弟 速水けんたろう、茂森あゆみ、ひまわりキッズ、だんご合唱団 1 1999/3/3
4 955,780 Winter, again GLAY 1 1999/2/3
5 951,140 LOVE PHANTOM B’z 1 1995/10/11
6 924,780 君がいるだけで/愛してる 米米CLUB 1 1992/5/4
7 841,280 誘惑 GLAY 1 1998/4.29
8 828,480 CAN YOU CELEBRATE? 安室奈美恵 1 1997/2/19
9 804,570 Wait&See〜リスク〜 宇多田ヒカル 1 2000/4/19
10 791,310 Don’t Leave Me B’z 1 1994/2/9

It’s comedy.  It really is.  David and I have been dismissing AKB ever reaching a million singles just a few months ago.  The number is just too big.  This isn’t ten years ago when physical copies had more worth and were a more legitimate way to track how many people bought singles.  With digital sales and illegal downloads happening left and right, a million-single seller was barely feasible for even the biggest of the big.  And here comes ‘Beginner’, boasting 800K for the first week; a number I deemed nearly impossible.  AKB’s been slapping me around left and right this year, disproving one thing after another.  I love it.

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