Oh My God, This is the Name of their Next Single? Okie Dokey!

At the Nagoya Handshake event, SKE48 revealed the title of their next single: ‘Okie Dokey‘ (or ‘Okidoki’, using Japanese kana). It will be released on November 9th as SKE’s last single of the year. All of their singles this year have been of high quality in both song and PV so I’m definitely looking forward to this.

In additional news, NMB48 also released their next single’s title and it was similarly amusing: “Oh My God!“. If AKB’s next single was in english, it would have made a perfect triad of singles released with appropriated english words and phrases. ‘Oh My God!’ will be released on October 19th, just before AKB’s ‘Kaze wa Fuiteiru’.

If you support all of these 48 groups, prepare your wallets.


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  1. Bizarre titles aside, I’m looking forward to both singles. SKE have been on an impressive run this year as far as their singles and PVs go and I can’t help but want to support anything that NMB puts out. Here’s hoping for a strong finish to the year from all AKS groups.

    Witty title for this post by the way.

  2. Im not worried about the single I just want to hear the B sides. I want to see if the “Akagumi” track will beat out the one “Banzai Venus” had. I don’t really care about the “Shirogumi” track since I usually not attracted to how those types of songs sound like.

  3. Haven’t really been into NMB, but ill make this the first album to listen to. On another note, im more excited on SKE’s album :).

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