Officially Rivals

Remember there was a time when we all wondered, how could Nogizaka 46 be rivals to AKB48?

This wasn’t just because currently AKB is in a completely different stratosphere. Also there was also the factor of Nogizaka 46 being produced by the exact same guy as AKB48. So how could two groups that are initially on the same team, be considered competing with each other? It just seemed like a conflict of interest.

Well here’s how…

Nogizaka Becomes Official Rivals

I’d like to go on record and say that I believed in the project from the very beginning. I always looked at the concept as a very fresh idea and just another one of the ways that Producer Akimoto has been able to surprise fans.

They’ve now taken a song that is synonymous with AKB48 and made it uniquely something else. Aitakatta is still performed at almost every AKB48 event, even now at New Years and Christmas. They’ll play the song and people will go

“Wait is that AKB? I know that song but it sounds different.”

Nogizaka 46 will instantly have huge access like no other Idol Group. And this could only have happened because?

Akimoto is Producing both groups. Fucking Genius.

P.S. – He probably planned this all along. And that’s why all these years we’ve been all been wondering, why does AKB keep going back to perform Aittakata? Again, Genius.

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  1. Wow. just wow. When I first heard it, it really gave me the feeling of competition and an opposition side. It’s like light and dark XD Now that Nogizaka46 has got my attention, I’ll be looking forward to their rise as well. But how come their number is -2 from AKB’s?

    • According to Akimoto, the number 46 was chosen as a direct challenge to AKB48.

      I don’t quite know what that exactly means but It has been stated that the number 46 signifies that they are not a sister group to akb48 like ske48 and nmb48. If nogizaka46 gets as big as akb, I wonder if they’ll spawn their own branch of sister groups as well.

    • AkiP told us that their names means that they can still compete with AKB with two less members, but heavens_blue is probably also right; that should be another reason why.

  2. This is a pretty brilliant idea. I wonder if they’ll continue to create “rival versions” of AKB singles, because I’ll eat that shit up like chicken fried rice.

    But instant Nogizaka success? A kick-ass Aitakatta remake may be in the right direction, but they’re currently not following the 48 formula of having close-range interactions with fans on a regular basis; nor do they have a theater or have G+ accounts, which may add distance as far as having an instantly rollicking fanbase is concerned. Regardless, this is the most exciting thing to have come out of Nogizaka46, and it’s looking pretty awesome.

    • You do have to keep in mind that they haven’t actually debuted fully yet. I’m sure once they get the single out we’ll start seeing a ton more interaction with fans, more shows, etc.

      If Nogizaka46 don’t end up on Google+ by the end of this year I’ll be surprised. What better way to promote a rivalry could there possibly be than to have a venue where each side can slag the other off.

      But yeah, loving the idea of them taking old AKB songs and making them better(?). It’s kinda like an “anything you can do, I can do better” angle and I’m interested to see how AkiP plays it out.

  3. After seeing that I can’t wait to see what Akimoto does with Nogizaka46 in the future. I keep thinking about how the PV will turn out and now I’m even more excited.

  4. Watch as Akimoto is on the verge of death one day, and he’s like, “It’s all right guys! I had a successor planned out 5 years ago!”. Or maybe he just makes a clone of himself

  5. I’m surprised. Outside of the NSK community, I’m hearing a lot of negative reactions (in Japanese and English).

    Me personally, I thought it was BADASS!! “WE TOOK YOUR #1 CLASSIC AND TOOK IT TO ANOTHER LEVEL. EAT THAT 48 :P” lol

    Nogizaka46 and the AKB Family will be on the same Music Japan episode next month, ahhh I can’t wait!

  6. Well there you have it, my defensive mode of not getting into Nogizaka smashed by one well placed remixed punch!

    It’s genius, it really is, take a song that every 48 group has done at some point or in some form a classic that has been on so many shows, but remix it into something else..

    I reckon at least a few were like me and went down the ‘rivals, yeah right thier singing Aitakatta’ and then watched on open-mouthed whislt the song wnet on!

    It comes out to me like a statement, Aitakatta a classic of AKB, synonymous with the ’48’ name, given to Nogizaka46 who are from the same stock almost as AKB, from the same producer. But they change it, they make it thier own, they make it better, in a way they say ‘the old version is AKB, the new one is us, we are different’

    as I said genius!

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