NSKaptions #23

“Haven’t slept in 48 hours” Edition.

Yeah yeah, this wasn’t posted on Friday I know. I’m a terrible person but I haven’t been sleeping much these past few days because reasons. Anyway, here we have this week’s NSKaption. Our subject for this week is SKE48 KKS Matsumura Kaori who appears to be mugging some poor old man in the photo above. That’s my take on it anyway, you should post yours in the comment section in the form of a caption. It’s this thing we do once a week just for fun.

If you find any good photos we can use for this feature, send the links in using the contact form, find me on IRC, Twitter, wherever. In return I’ll try not to keep forgetting to post these every Friday.

As always, we look forward to seeing what our community comes up with.

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