NSKaptions #22

“This week sucked because I got sick” Edition

Hey look, it’s actually being posted on Friday this week. Shame about the lack of posts on all of the other days but oh well. You can’t win em all. We have another photo for you to caption this week and this one features Murashige Anna and……..Nakanishi Chiyori (maybe? I’m not 100% sure on this, draw your own conclusions) from HKT48. I think this photo is very open to interpretation so you should have no problem coming up with all manner of witty captions that you can write in the comment section below this post. If you haven’t contributed in the past, maybe think about contributing this week. It’s just a bit of good clean fun to round out the work/school week.

If you find any good photos we can use for this feature, send the links in using the contact form, find me on IRC, Twitter, wherever. In return I’ll try not to keep forgetting to post these every Friday.

As always, we look forward to seeing what our community comes up with.

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