NSKaptions #21

“Someone (Kairi) actually submitted an image” Edition

Well, it’s not Friday (we posted an All Night NSK so I’m forgiven right?) but we’re back again with another NSKaption. This week’s photo which features Noujo Ami from Nogizaka46, who is wearing a very interesting shirt. Hilarious if she doesn’t know what it means, fucking badass if she does and decided to wear it anyway. You can all be badass too and leave your captions in the comment section below. Make sure to tell others how badass their captions are and we can all have a grand old time.

If you find any good photos we can use for this feature, send the links in using the contact form, find me on IRC, Twitter, wherever. In return I’ll try not to keep forgetting to post these every Friday.

As always, we look forward to seeing what our community comes up with.

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