NSKaptions #14

Happy Turkey/Football Day to our American readers. This Eurobro is keeping things ticking along with a new Kaption for you guys to have a crack at between shoveling large amounts of food into your face holes. This week we have NMB48’s pro angler Watanabe Miyuki supplying the image for you to caption. Probably one of the easiest ever (the image is pretty caption friendly too) so I expect good/hilarious things from our community down in the comments below.

You can find the last Kaption here.

As always, we look forward to seeing what our community comes up with.

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  1. Let’s play Operation!

  2. If I were Mario, I’d spend all my time in the warp pipe

  3. After a considerable time playing Plants vs Zombies, Milky gave birth to a Pea-Shooter.

  4. Seems like the pipe was Milky’s last and desperate resort to treat her constipation.

  5. “Officer, I an explain…most of this.”

  6. “Officer, I can explain…most of this.”

  7. My body is ready

  8. We present to you our new life sized tenga product

  9. “Now you’ll definitely know if you miss! And with this expanded extension, how could you miss?”

    “Those legs better be floppy, otherwise that USB jack isn’t going to reach the port…”

  10. Richard Dreyfus: “This was no FISHING accident!”

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