NSKaptions #06

We’re back with another NSKaption; where members of the community (hey, that’s you!) provide witty and/or hilarious commentary on an…..interesting idol picture that we provide for you. As always, take a look at the picture above then leave your best caption in the comment section below. We’ve had some pretty good ones in the past and hopefully this week will be no different.

You can find the last Kaption here.

We look forward, as always to seeing what our community comes up with.

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  1. Yuko-I feel kind of violated in this new massage chair

  2. I knew this pervert angle would get me into trouble.

  3. Sometimes, even when the ingredients are PERFECT, the threesome just fails somehow…

  4. Yuko: Sigh….its just not a good threesome without Nyannyan….

  5. Don’t break your dick.

  6. Yuko to Miichan: I want you

    Mariko to Yuko: I need you

    Miichan to Yuko: I love you

  7. Miichan had come up with an ingenious way of convincing Mariko that her boobs had gotten bigger……

  8. Yuko: Miichan, touch my navel….

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