NSKaptions #05

BiS provide the photo for you to caption this week. What do you think Wakisaka Yurika (top) and Pour Lui (bottom) are doing here? Let us know by leaving a caption in the comments!

You can find the last Kaption here.

We look forward, as always to seeing what our community comes up with.

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  1. “In an effort to satisfy the ever-escalating demands from their fans, BiS has opted to hang up the ass paddles and put down the ear spoons and will be offering asphyxiation sessions (shown above) at their upcoming HS events.”

  2. anthony not logged in

    This Lamaze class is not very good. I guess you get what you pay for.

  3. Ad copy:

    “You got your mask on my shirt!”

    “You got your shirt over my mask!”

    It’s two great things that go great together!
    Reece’s T-Shirt Masks!

  4. Worst. Goro. Cosplay. Ever.

  5. The only known photograph in the world capturing the incredibly rare ceremony that is the birthing of a new BiS member. It’s still a mystery how they get impregnated in the first place; Some speculate that it happens in a demon ritual out in the forest where they shed all their clothes and stick cameras in each others throats.

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