NSKaptions #02

We’re back with another instalment of NSKaptions. After a reasonably successful first run last week we figured we’d give the community another image to caption. If this feature proves popular enough we might make it a regular Friday thing.

As for last week’s Kaptions, you can find them here. I personally think you guys might have held back a little too much (or I spend way too much time on Nihongogo) so feel free to go crazy this week.

As always, we look forward to seeing what our community can come up with.

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  1. “I’ve been expecting you”

  2. “Have you brought the money?”

  3. “And not one fuck was given that day”

    “You only download idol stuff?

    Please tell me all about it”

  4. “ALIENS”


  6. “Wait, when Milky said she went fishing, I thought she meant fish….”

  7. “Tragically, Milky had already fished the seabed dry…”

  8. Underneath that smile, “I wont lose to that b*tch! The title of Grand Fisher must be MINE! Now bite my line, boy”

  9. Nana thought she would try and get more fans they way Milky and Akarin have been said to of done, she wondered why it didn’t work for her……

  10. [Note: This picture taken 5 minutes before she laid down the reel and just used her slinky, sex-kitten voice to get the fish to throw themselves on shore.]

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