NSK057 – Idols Promoting Lingerie?!?!

Recorded August 7th, 2011.

This week on NSK, Smileage, Momoiro, and Watarirouka sales. Flying Get PV. Talk about Catherine and One OK Rock.

Viewer Question: Electronic Pop like Capsule

Discussion: Stage Names and What We Want from Idols

Boku ga Maketa Natsu – NMB48

Mama, Grazie! – Watarirouka Hashiritai 7
JUMPER – Capsule


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  1. In your discussion about idols having stage names, you should have talked about NMB48 member Yamada Nana. She used to be in the H!P-Kansai group SI☆NA as Nakayama Nana. She changed her name when she joined NMB. Her brother Nakayama Yuma is in the JE group NYC.

    • Dude, thanks for the heads up. I went and looked up some of her older stuff. It’s interesting to see her doing H!P stuff and being called something different.

      I’ll make sure to bring it up next show and see what Tron and Dae think.

  2. Thanks for the podcast, it was good.

  3. If I could be a pervert for just a second; I really don’t think Kashiwagi Yuki needs any help in the bust department so I can see why they wouldn’t have picked her to promote Peach John. I can’t remember which article it was but one site stated that the bras are supposed to give “power up support” to the girls wearing them.

    Aaaaand I’m done. Hopefully no one thinks the above is me taking a shot at Kasai, Oshima or Kojima, totally not my intention.

    • No, that’s a great point.

      Women, and a lot of people in general, don’t want to see people that are perfect and more blessed then them.

      They want to see peers and people they can relate to. People who have similar body types and similar real shortcomings. So in that sense, it was great to not choose Kashiwagi.

      • I’m glad that made sense out loud and not just in my head. To me Kashiwagi just doesn’t seem to fit with what the marketing campaign is trying to promote; lingerie for the more modestly endowed Japanese woman.

        • That ran through my head as well, but seeing Kojima in it(I think she’s just as “gifted” as Kashiwagi) made me think Yuki could have been in it. But then I guess you’d have two well-endowed girls supporting push-up bras, so it’d look unbalanced.

          Now that I think about it, it works with Oshima, Kasai and Kojima in a “small, medium, and large” kind of way. :U

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