NSK069 – I Tried To Avoid The Dirty Talk

Recorded October 27th, 2011.

I tried to steer clear of it, but Tron and Dae had to open their filthy freaking mouths. This week on NSK, the naughtiest show we’ve recorded. Dae talked about sex in TV. Tron drinks chocolate breast milk. Plenty of impression about Momoiro Clover, Kaze wa Fuiteru, and Perfume. Big news from Smileage. A discussion about Watarirouka and a discussion about Idol Twins.




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Ketchup Please
Dae watches Breaking Bad, Game of Thrones, Walking Dead, & Boardwalk Empire
Tron starts Insanity
David get’s a Padawan

Momoiro Clover Z – Roudou Sanka Covers
Kaze wa Fuiteru & B-sides PVs
French Kiss Saisho no Mail Preview
Perfume Spice PV



  • Maeda Yuka Set to Leave Smileage
  • Buono! DEEP MIND Single Announced
  • C-ute 2nd PN Announced – “cutest”
  • Hello Project’s Mobekimasu Nationwide Event


  • Kaze wa Fuiteru First Day Sale
  • NMB – Oh My God 1st Week Sales
  • HKT48 First Gen Announced
  • Request Hour Voting Begins

Discussion Topic
Watarirouka Hashiritai – Better now or before?

Viewer Question
The possibility of Twin Idols

Idol Stock

The Final Word

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  1. Lacking the language fluency to enjoy the song at a higher level, the ‘apartment-life’ in the Gondola Lift PV could be a figurative snap-shot of the relationship between a man and a woman at different stages. [as I mentioned it during the stream]
    Could these snapshots be cyclical? Does the daughter in one scene grow to be head and heart-strong? Eager to propose to the love of her life? (gender-role reversal)
    If you take the bldg as a whole; a time capsule of memories. Then whose? Best guess is the husband who does lose his wife, who propose to him and bless him with a like-spirited daughter.

    I’ll look forward to the lyrical translation of the song.
    idyll Signals. Geddit? “Idol Signals”

  2. I agree with you Tron. I think Yuuka really wants something to fall back on. I’d say Maeda Yuuka’s reason for graduating is a legitimate one. Maybe when Saki left and the new members came in, it hit her that eventually she too would be replaced and she steadily developed a concern for what she could do after her career in Smileage would end. What exactly could she fall back on? For example, some idols have moved on into variety shows and that’s something I don’t see Yuuka excelling in. To be honest, she seems quite reserved during her television appearances and when she tries to perform her puns, she fails miserably. Her ability to maintain an engaging persona has always felt inconsistent for me. So, a career as a tv personality seems out of the question. Taking that into account, putting more focus into her studies is a reasonable career path to make.

    In relation to Yuuka leaving, I’ve been listening to the debut single for Mobekimasu and I’ve realized that my personal favorite parts of that song are yuuka’s vocals. In fact, currently Yuuka’s vocals in smileage stand out the most for me compared to the other members. She has such a unique sound to her voice. It’s just so youthful and anime-like. Now, I’m wondering who’ll sing her lines. Vocally, smileage has already taken a hit after losing saki and after Yuuka leaves, smileage will definitely have an entirely new sound. It’s going to be like when a band replaces the lead vocalist or gets a new drummer or a new lead guitarist. Suddenly, the band has a different feel and sound. Their new stuff may or may not bother me too much. It’s when they perform some of their old songs, that it feels like you’re listening to a tribute band rather than the actual band you know so well. It’s going to be very strange when smileage loses that level of familiarity and becomes sort of a “tribute band”. Similarly, morning musume has faced this same dilemma, and fans have been divided ever since.

    • But at the same time, Yuuka was never at risk. She was the most popular Egg of her time. They got Best New Artist last year. She was the most popular in S/mileage among fans and even among her peers in H!P. They weren’t even being replaced to begin with.

      I think Yuuka’s reasoning is legitimate. It’s how she came to make her final decision that concerns me. Some think that she was waiting to see if the subs would become full members to see if she would have to stay to help S/mileage push on and to fill that gap that would otherwise be there if she left. Kinda like she would feel comfortable leaving S/mileage in the hands of the new members if all of them became official. But I also think Saki leaving had some influence.
      I don’t think it’s bad per se. She’s smart in wanting to better her education. But it also looks a little selfish to other people on the outside in that she’s taking the opportunity to better herself right when S/mileage is in a tough area. I know that’s worded weird, but yeah. I wish her the best of look in her endeavors and I wish the best for S/mileage. I’m sure S/mileage will do fine (I definitely know all of their names, lol) as long as they have the support of the Japanese fans.

      Tsunku is definitely not at fault. He’s a producer. He doesn’t decide who stays and goes. That’s all UFA.

      • Also, Uchouten Love sold more because it was Saki’s last. So you can’t really compare that single to the new single.

      • I know she’s a really popular member, I’m not saying she risks getting booted. I’m merely providing my perspective on why she may want to focus on her studies. Sorry, I know I said “replaced” but what I was really trying to say was that eventually she’ll graduate from the group. I.E. once she gets older, say maybe 20+ years old, she’ll have to find something to fall back on. So, my theory is that she had some tunnel vision and started thinking seriously about her future after smileage. Hence the possibility that she had some concerns over what she should do after working in smileage. I feel that she could still branch out into a lot of things in the entertainment industry, but gaining an education is a more sound way of gaining a stable, lifelong career. So, I can’t fault her for that.

        • Oh, sorry then. I get what you mean now. :)

          And yeah, I can’t fault her on that either. Like you said, by about her early 20s, she’s already considered exhausted in the idol world. I think it’s important, regardless, to get a good education. I just think her timing was good for her and bad for S/mileage, and I also think something else influenced her final decision. Whether it was Saki leaving or making sure the subs got in so it would be easier to make the choice, we may never know. I would like to think it’s the latter, but the former could have had something to do with it too.

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