NSK068 – Is the Spark Gone?

Recorded October 20th, 2011.

This week on NSK Tron talks about his experience in NYC, David & Dae’s impression about Just Dance Wii for Japan, a discussion about the Korean Wave and the upward mobility of Idols. Learn how to find your soul number and which idol you match up with. Lastly Tron finds out he might not love Niigaki as much as he thought.

La Brea Ave. – Maeda Atsuko

Momoiro Sparkling – C-ute
Zannen Shoujo – AKB48
Kurumi to Dialogue – AKB48


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Ketchup Please
Tron – NYCC, Go Go Curry, UNIQLO
Dae – Batman & GameFly
Tron the Habachi Chef
Soul Numbers

1 – Maeda
2 – Shinoda Minegishi
3 – Itano
4 – Kojima, Miyzasa
5 – Takahashi, Kitahara, Yokoyama
6 – Kashiwagi, Takajyo
7 – Watanabe
8 – Sashihara, Oshima
9 – Matsui Rena

48 Shows
NMB Single
Just Dance Wii



  • S/mileage 8th Single Announced, Titled “Please Mini Skirt Post Woman!!”
  • S/mileage Sub-Members Are Now Official Members
  • 12 smart sales numbers


  • NMB48 second single first day sales
  • SDN Graduation?
  • AKB48 the Anime
  • Naruhodo Highschool changes format
  • Oshima & Madame Tussauds
  • Shinoda Mariko in Ouran Host Club Movie

Viewer Question
The Upward Mobility of Idols – Bryan
The Korean Wave – bluedarkness12

Idol Stock

The Final Word

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