NSK066 – We’re Talking About MM Again…

Recorded October 5th, 2011.

This week on NSK…

Ketchup Please
Daniel’s Movie Talk
Insanity Workout
SNSD @ bestbuy
Just Dance Japan CM Impressions

New Show By AKB & SKE
Nogizakatte Doko Episode 1
Kaze wa fuiteriu PV preview and covers
Kimi no Senaka (UG) preview
SKE48 Team KII 3rd Stage/Senbatsu announced for Okie Dokie
Maeda Atsuko @ Tiffany’s



  • Mano Erina as Kamen Rider
  • Niigaki Risa Radio Show
  • 2012 H!P Winter Show


  • Matsui Rena Watches Rango with a Chamelon
  • Takahashi Minami meets JKT members
  • New Watarirouka single
  • Not Yet 3rd single
  • AKB48 has Radio Drama show
  • Kasai Tomomi has medical condition
  • TPE48 announced


  • Momoiro Clover’s next single
  • Takahashi Kumiko Graduates From Chatmonchy

Discussion Topic
Morning Musume 10th Generation Aftermath

Viewer Question
-Language Barrier Means Watching Shows is a Waste of Time? (Greg)
-Idol Stock Exchange Part II

Smile O-don – S/mileage

: Come On! – Tomomi Itano, 10 carat no Tokimeki – Mano Erina


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AKB49 Can be read here
Just Dance CM (Japan)


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  1. The idol stock exchange can be used for the Nogizaka Senbatsu, right. Since it changes wit every stage event they have, when they start having it.

  2. I’m particularly happy about the new 10th gen members. Out of the 4 new members, 3 of them I guessed correctly about them making it through. It’s unfortunate that Sara Murakami didn’t make the cut. I thought she had this aura of coolness to her singing. Either way, I’m currently hyped for Kudo Haruka and Masaki Sato. I love Kudo’s matureness and husky voice. It’s an interesting contrast to her being a small 11 year old girl. Sato’s introduction at the 10th gen announcement was surprisingly adorable. She was a bit nervous, but she lacked the timidness that most new members suffer from early on. I expect her personality to grow the greatest and really shine during interviews and the like. Ishida Ayumi is no pushover when it comes to dancing, but her vocals could use some work. Iikubo Haruna’s role in the group seems similar to Michishige, I don’t know what else to really say about her but I like her.

    • Also, :(
      Kumiko leaving Chatmonchy is sad news.

      I didn’t really enjoy their earlier stuff. It wasn’t until after I had listened to their album Kokuhaku, that I really started to get into them. Maybe it’s just me, but Eriko’s vocals seemed more polished by then. I had that album on repeat back in my freshman year of college. I felt that it was a really well made album with a variety of slow, upbeat and catchy songs. btw, Love Is Soup is a great track to eat soup to, lol. The concept of meshing the sensation of love with eating soup is a perfect match. It’s just a very playful and relaxed song with soft, cute vocals from Eriko and a harmonized chorus from the group. Just one of the many great tracks from that album. Another reason as to why I started listening to Chatmonchy more religiously was because of my interest in K-on back then. Eriko’s vocals sound so much like Hirasawa Yui that I would pretend that it was her singing the songs. haha , strange i know. :3

      Anyways, it’s sad to see the trio become a duo. I had an opportunity to go see them live in austin, but I didn’t go. I’m really regretting it now.

      • It’s a huge bummer.

        I’ve talked about it on the show before…

        They were playing once when I was in Japan and I missed them because their show was sold out.

        Then I missed them in Austin even though I live there. Coincidentally I was in Japan that week. Biggest shit coincidence.

        • lol, really? The odds for that much be astronomical! I’m sorry to hear that David. Here I am saying, “woe is me”, and faith somehow dealt you the crappier hand. I can understand missing a show because it was sold out in Japan, but missing a performance at where you live because you were coincidentally in Japan is an illegal blow below the belt. Ouch. To top it all off, the band is now less one member. That’s salt in the wound and it stings.

  3. Nice viewer question this week, that had been something I’d been thinking about recently but didn’t quite know how to phrase it.

  4. I just wanted to drop off this video of Momoko and Sahihara Rino together…too cute.


  5. i just saw matsui rena and click in, i like her picture on home page.

  6. Didn’t get to listen to this till now and I wanted to say something about the viewer question.

    I’ve noticed that my appreciation and understanding of the Japanese culture and language accelerated greatly when I started watching variety shows. Especially, shows where they go out and see what Japan has to offer like Shukan. I’ve watched anime for years and I understand much more Japanese from watching variety shows and feel compelled to actually learn more of the language then I did when I watched anime.

    All and all, I just think idol fans really can appreciate the culture and language more because these girls are REAL. Some may embellish their personalities but you are seeing how real people talk and how real people act. So, it’s fine to watch shows you don’t completely understand. Slowly, you pick up things from the actual culture if accompany it with some language study.

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