NSK065 – Length Doesn’t Matter?

Recorded September 28th, 2011.

This week on NSK…

Ketchup Please
Tron in Cali & Vita Impressions
Janken Touch Ups
Dae’s Netflix Corner

NMB48 Oh My God PV
Round 1 CM
H!P Collab Single Covers



  • 48th Morning Musume Single. 12/21
  • S/mileage sales numbers
  • 10th Gen Talk


  • New SKE TV Show
  • Mall Riot in China
  • 13th Gen Auditions?
  • AKB Cafe Grand Opening
  • Theater Birthday Shows
  • 24th Single Announced
  • Pricon Karaoke Ranking


  • Konno Asami & Ueda Moeko Single
  • New TGS Single

Discussion Topic
Shinoda Mariko, The Greatest Entertainment Success Story?

Viewer Question
Idol Stock Exchange?




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  1. LOL, Such misleading title…. Aaaa, I have a dirty mind (._. ).

  2. Dae: “I think in a world where there is a God idols exist”


    Anyway, guys. How many pizzas have been bet already? There’s a new bet every podcast. XD

    And like I said a million times before, I love Shinoda. And I’m terrifically excited and proud of her.

    • Also, I laughed so hard at Tron’s remark about Singapore.

      Reminds me of all the shit I hear over here in Malaysia about the country. Despite all the hate SEAsians have for it, it’s a pretty nice country.

  3. As the ‘listener’ who posed the Idol Stock Exchange inquiry; I’m was both ecstatic and underwhelmed by how I failed to front-load the idea.
    Looking back at the idea, I should’ve added the following ‘Bond Options’: Audition Warrants cover the final H!P Auditions its immediate results. Single Warrants cover the first week of sales on single releases, AlbumBonds cover the specific Idol Albums available on the market. IdolBonds cover the individual Idols. The price of GroupBonds reflects individual prices of the IdolBonds in their groups; SKE48, No Sleeves, Idoling, etc.
    As I’m aware of the Oricon charts and album rankings, are there sites that offer total sales made in Yen? Otherwise album/single related bonds may reflect units moved. This’ll be a great undertaking; maybe not as fun as I posited.

    In the end, I like how organic my inquiry changed through a single podcast. Fun stuff.

  4. I think once Gaki is gone from Momusu, unless they promote 10th Gen better than they did 9th Gen (since 10th Gen is, for the most part, all talented), there will be nothing else for me. Tanaka already dominates lines, Riho will probably be added to the domination, and 9th Gen will always be back-up dancers. So I hope they push these girls and get some variation. Takahashi being gone is already depressing as hell.

    And lol, no Karin or Jang Dayeon in yur 10th gen.
    3 good picks, 1 pick bordering on suck.
    I don’t think they actually auditioned for Momusu, especially Karin since she expressed she favored S/mileage over Momusu.

  5. What’s the song used in the intro? It’s great!

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