NSK063 – Are We Talking About It?

Recorded September 14th, 2011.

This week on NSK…

Ketchup Please
Tron in Cali
Takahashi Graduation Birthday
Head & Shoulders
Anthony Bordain, Man vs Food

MUSIC JAPAN – Sashihara!!! & MM Performance
Cheerfu11y Movie Trailer
Morning Musume 12th album ‘12, Smart!’ covers
Takahashi Ai’s solo – Jishin Motte Yume Motte Tobitatsukara



Minus One S/mileage Member Already!??! – Kosuga Fuyuka
Morning Musume Sales (AKB’s Influence)
Fujimoto Miki pregant
C-ute Sales

JKT48 to debut at the end of the year
Nogizaka tte dokko?
Kikuchi Ayaka in ShinobiDo
Janken Tournament to be broadcast internationally

AM2 2012 – June 15-17

Discussion Topic
Bullying of members by “fans”

Viewer Question
What’s been going on with all these Scandals? What happened to the greatest Idol Summer?



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Cheerfu11y Move Trailer

AX2010 AKB Gallery as taken by NSK [Click Here To View]

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  1. The Eggs are forever in idol limbo. Fuyuka is for sure coming back as an Egg.
    Also, they are making the S/mileage submembers do a smile campaign like the original members did for their major debut. But unlike what the OG members did, their work to get pictures is counted individually, not as a whole, and this determines whether or not they will be main members. And unlike when internationally fans were able to submit pictures, the sub-members have to actually be in the picture with each person and they have to submit it to the blog and the results will be announced on October 16th.

    Momusu’s new members will be announced on Sept. 29th. Tsunku and UFA are debating whether or not to add all 10 finalists.

  2. When i read “Janken Tournament to be broadcast internationally”, i immediately thought of Youtube Live and Nico Nico Live… Ahhh but it would be awesome if it was like that.

    • It’s not like they couldn’t do it either. Maybe they just don’t think that the numbers are there on an international level. Why make something that you can charge for in Japan, etc free when you can just make most of the people who would watch it pay to go see it in a theatre.

      AKB need to make an international fanclub already. I’d pay a certain amount of coinage to be able to have fanclub only streams of events or whatever.

      • Probably the closest thing fans will get for an official international fan club is if they open one up for Singapore if they havent done it yet. If they do make one for Singapore, at least it would be in English so its manageable for us. But besides that, there is no hope I see

  3. The end music that was playing along with the breakfast battle talk fitted amazingly.

  4. RE: NSK Breakfast Cook-Off AM2 2012

    I am so there if I can make it Anaheim next year. I think that would be one hell of a competition.

  5. Dae doesn’t pay me anything. There’s no way I’m on his payroll.

  6. I think David is right about Morning Musume’s 10th gen, it looks like it’s going to be a very large generation…probably the largest in their history. Not only are the remaining 10 girls looking very good but there are at least 3 girls, maybe more, remaining from the S/mileage audition who are still waiting to go into Morning Musume.

    I’m actually very impressed with the amount of talent hello project is getting out of these two auditions, the eggs are really paying off for them now.

    My background is in the arts and I know quite a bit about talent evaluation…So here are the girls that have a very good chance of being in 10th gen:

    Kudo Haruka, only 11 years old is going to become the youngest MM member ever.

    Murakami Sara, Very cool look and expressive voice

    Likubo Haruna, very beautiful girl…she can be the successor to Sayumi in the princess role and I liked her voice once she got in the booth.

    Then you still have, at least, Myamoto Karin, Fuji Rio, and Miyazaki yuka still in the picture from the S/mileage auditions and I personally also liked Yamaga Kanae as well (for her voice, personality and looks but her dancing is pretty bad).

    These are only the ones I see with the best shot, there are quite a few others who are very good and could be great with a year or two of training in eggs. So I can’t see them possibly adding less than 5 members in the 10th gen and maybe as many as 10 because there is just too much talent there for them not to. But then again, we all know Tsunku works in mysterious ways. I don’t think Morning Musume is going to lose a lot from the Loss of Takahashi Ai because it looks like the cavalry has finally arrived for them and I think the 9th and especially the 10th gen are going to help then turn this ship around. Hopefully the people on the business side of things don’t fail them.

    Also there are a few girls, who if H!P lets them go, would be great for AKB.

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