NSK062 – Live Again

Recorded September 8th, 2011.

Pardon the Drop in Quality as we had recorder problems halfway through the live recording..
This week on NSK…

Ketchup Please
StarCraft 2
Tron’s TV
Lucky Seven & Hito no Chikara Lyrics
Takai Tsukina

-Kare to Issho ni Omise ga Shitai PV
-Smileage Covers
– S/mileage’s 7th single titled Tachiagaaru
-Kikkawa Yuu’s 2nd single titled Hapirapi ~Sunrise~



  • C-ute Sekai Ichi HAPPY na Onna no Ko First day Sale
  • Mano Erina Will Be Part Of The Cast For The Stage Play “Ikemen Desu ne”
  • Sales numbers for H!P stores in August 2011
  • Update on MM 10th gen Auditions
  • Kitahara Sayaka – Kanari Junou


  • Itano’s singing suspension
  • Yuko injury
  • Team 4 Scandal Conclusion
  • More NMB Scandals
  • NMB 2nd Single and senbatsu
  • The Minegishi VirusOther
  • Kago Ai’s BF
  • Idoling!!! PV Collection – 9/21
  • Just Dance Japan?!?!

    Discussion Topic

How Do You Manage Success Too Quickly? (Team 4 & NMB48)
Viewer Question

How do you feel when people see your favorite idols but has no interest in anything besides their sex appeal? Does it bother you? Do you wish they could see their attractiveness along with their personality?

TFW (The Final Word)

C-ute – Sekai Ichi HAPPY Onna no ko.

Hayami Akari – Fall Into Me



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S/mileage New Single Preview

Kikkawa Yuu – Hapirapi ~Sunrise~


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  1. I just discovered this site 2 weeks ago, and I think the podcast is really awesome. It’s isn’t just strictly idol talk, but other talking points that would appeal to Western fans. I’ve been a member of H!O for almost a year, and I think what that site lacks is a podcast like u have. Have you thought of like advertising (it’s not the right word), or posting your podcast on other popular idol websites to bring in more fans? I think I can see ppl from h!o pouring in to check out the podcast if they become aware of your website.

    Thanks for listening to my selfish thoughts lol…

  2. In the conversation about Kago Ai’s boyfriend: “I mean what’s next for this girl? What the fuck. What could be [the next] news story with this girl?”

    That is really ominous given the recent events. O_O

    What has been happening with idols ever since the summer ended? We got girls getting injured constantly and members being demoted and resigning due to scandals and former idols making news stories every week and so much other crap.

    Seems like the year’s positive energy has ran out ever since that great summer. : /

  3. Well, it’s only four new members now since Kosuga Fuyuka is out for poor health. I actually like the preview of the song. I more worried about what the PV looked like. I’ve seen bits and pieces of it and it looks a bit odd.

    As for Kago, she already tried to kill herself (again…) yesterday and she is in the hospital. I personally have no more hope for her. I mean, seriously. I used to really love her. This girl’s life is already down the tubes. She needs to retire everything and just stay home and get her shit together.

    • Holy crap! Kago Ai! I had to google that to make sure it’s real. That is really sad. For her sake, I hope she just quits the entertainment industry and settles down.

      • Seriously. I understand people still want to support her but she’s not fit to be performing and in the limelight right now. She needs to sit down and just collect herself.

    • Kago was the very first Idol I truly admired. So, my response may come off as a bit biased, but I feel obligated to defend her.

      I just mainly want to point out that she has turned her life around. She quit smoking immediately after she was fired from the idol business. She even made an attempt to speak out against suicide and drugs through a documented campaign against poor social behavior in her dvd, Kago Channel Vol. 1. She studied abroad in america to learn english and afterwards she released an english jazz album. She still had her ups and downs, but since 2009, kago was scandal free for 2 years and she was working hard to regain the fans she had lost. Critics need to give the girl some credit. She tried to make things right and yet there are some sick “fans” out there who are unrealistic in their expectations of her.

      This current scandal is not even a direct result of anything Kago had done. She should be absolved of any criticism here. My opinion about her situation is no different from Shimada Shinsuke’s affiliation with a friend who is supposedly associated with the yakuza. It may look bad to be associated with someone who may have a criminal background, but unless kago herself has committed a crime, I see no reason for the harsh criticisms or for her to retire because of it. Of course, she should have never associated herself with some like that to begin with and it would be in her best interests to break off any ties with her boyfriend from here on out, but the context of my argument is that her boyfriend is the one at fault here. He supposedly made the threats, not Kago. It’s a shame that she feels responsible in some way. So much so that she may have felt the need to commit suicide to repent for it. I, for one, still believe in Kago Ai. Currently, there have been concerned blog posts about kago from Tsuji, Miki Fujimoto, and Tsunku. So, that gives me faith that people still care for her in the entertainment industry. She’s not entirely forgotten and she still has so much more to offer. I really want to see her bounce back from this. Before she left her agency and got caught up with this bf, she was really close at getting things on the right track. She wouldn’t achieve the success she once had, but she was close enough at redeeming herself and moving forward. Hopefully, the love and support from family, friends and fans will bring her spirits up. Don’t you dare say you have no more hope for her. Especially, not after she came this far to fight for whatever was left of her career. C’mon guys, give Ai a chance.

      As a side note, IMO, I believe that the source of kago’s scandals with older men derive from her need to fill the void of never having a proper father figure in her life and her short smoking stint, even though she said it was to feel more mature, may have been a subconscious result of her biological father’s drug related conviction. I’m no psychology expert, but I assume her behavior is hereditary since most of my uncles’ alcoholism is the direct result of my grandfather being an alcoholic.

      • Yeah, your opinion is extremely biased. Especially at the point that you tried to say I accused her of being at fault, which I didn’t in any regard. But she does need to think about her own life more than the so called fans who barely provide her any support anyway. Because as harsh as it might sound, the Japanese “fans” and naysayers are the only ones the ring loud in the ears of people in the industry like Kago.

        Her behavior more than likely strings from her entire childhood. It was hell. But at the same time, she has horrible timing in many of the decisions she’s made. She is a grown woman; she can do what she pleases. What she can’t seem to comprehend is that there is good timing and there is bad timing. After dropping her label in June it was very, VERY soon discovered that she was dating the man in question and that he may have been influencing her, which I wouldn’t think was false.
        As far as the H!P scandal goes, I have no opinion on her behavior. There had been scandals involving other H!P idols in that era as well, and with Tsuji being found out to be pregnant when they gave Kago the boot, I thought she kind of got the unfair end of the stick. But everything else that has occurred could have been better managed if she just thought about WHEN she was going to do things.
        I’m sorry, but I can’t say I have much hope left for her. I pray that she’s healthy and she gets some help before I even think to put more support into her advancing her career. She’s going to end up really killing herself trying to keep this dream going when she isn’t stable enough to do it. She needs to retire, or at least put her career on another hold. She’s only, what, 23? She’s been in the industry in some form or fashion since she was 12. She needs a big break to get herself back together.

        • “you tried to say I accused her of being at fault”

          At no point did i accuse you of saying anything. I never referred to you directly by name or referenced you at any point nor did I imply it. At least, I never had the intention of implying it. If you could quote me on the comment you took offense too, I can clear up this misunderstanding. :D

          If you’re referring to the part where I said “critics”, I was primarily referring to the media/tabloids that exploit her scandals without giving the same amount on the positives of her career. The entire statement itself was not directed at you. You brought up Kago, so I branched off from there to speak about how I felt about her situation.

          The context of my argument was how this scandal might be the nail in the coffin on kago’s career and if leads up to that point, why the fans and critics alike should not shun her for her association with someone yakuza affiliated. Because, as I said in my previous comment, she’s not directly involved. Maybe I should have modified my opening comment with, “So, my response may come off as a bit biased, but I feel obligated to defend her against the inevitable surge of oncoming media scrutiny about her yakuza affiliation.” I think you would have read it differently. I was generally trying to convey my thoughts and fears on how this scandal will pan out in the media and why Kago should be absolved of any criticism. Hence my reference to the Shinsuke, who ended up throwing away his career because of his scandal. I just think it’s a bit ridiculous how that turned out. For comparison’s sake, goto maki’s brother stole 1mil yen worth of steel cables and he went to jail for it. By law, he’s considered a criminal and because of that should society shun Goto Maki from the entertainment industry for being affiliated with a criminal? When I compare both situations, it sound ridiculous to be punished for the actions of others. So, when Shinsuke retired because his old friend was a yakuza, I thought that was unnecessary choice for him to make. I was worried that Kago will have to make the same choice. I’m all for taking a long break, but retiring? I don’t want her give up on her career.

          On a side note, I believe Kago’s lack of responsibility is a direct result of her never being properly raised to be an adult. I believe in one of her interviews she expressed how her family became estranged for quite some time when she was still in ufa, leaving her with no one to lean on for parental guidance. With her family living in Nara prefecture of Kansai and Kago living in Tokyo, I’m assuming that she didn’t get to see her family often due to the long distance and her hectic schedule. She was practically raised by ufa staff and peers, which for such a young girl, must be like growing up in a circus. Not growing up with a proper mother and father figure can really mess up a kid.

  4. The ex-momoclo member in Nogizaka48 is Yukina not Tsukina, though Tsukina is still with Stardust Promotions and I believe she is doing some CMs and some bit acting roles, and she’s in another group can’t remember the name right off though

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