NSK060 – Lots to Talk About, Devastation

Recorded August 26th, 2011.

This week on NSK…

Ketchup Please
Dae’s Mice & Netflix
Tron’s Card Gambling
Majisuka Pins

AKB B-Sides PVs
– Seishun to Kizukanai Mama
– Dakishimecha Ikenai
– Aisu no Kuchizuke

Morning Musume single covers
Morning Musume PV preview

Ogawa Saki leaves S/mileage & H!P
Buono!’s “Rock n’ Buono! 4″ To Be Streamed Live On YouTube

Flying Get sales
Togasaki on recent scandals
Majisuka 2 DVD Sales

Shimada Shinsuke Retires
Hirano Aya Joins Grick?

Discussion Topic
Your preference on hair?

Viewer Question
Idols in America?

Flying Get – AKB48

Dakishimecha Ikenai – AKB Undergirls
My Alright Sky – Suzuki Airi/Buono!
Aisu no Kuchizuke – AKB48


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  1. It’s hard being an idol fan sometimes. Your interest in a group largely depends on the members and if your oshimen leaves, it is hard caring about a group. That is happening to so many s/mileage fans right now.

    Since I am living SEAsia at the moment, I think JKT48 is a bit silly. I mean the market is absolutely small. No sizable market in Indonesia is really looking for Japanese music. I really think it is going to bomb. The music market is fairly sizable but just like Korea anything non-mainstream (i.e. idols) will not do very well. Hell, mainstream artists barely do well either.

    And about the AKB Rival group? I think Aki-P is going overboard with the 48 groups. It kind of reminds me of Activision. Just like them releasing a new Guitar Hero or COD each year this guy seems to be creating a new 48 group each month. I think SKE48 is a fine enough rival.

    The discussion about hair…Meh. For me, it just depends on the girl. Like I love Shinoda Mariko’s hairstyle but I think it would look horrible on someone like Mayuyu or Takahashi.

    I think having brown hair can really make a girl stand out but it only works for a few girls. Takahashi did not really stand out in Aitakatta but in all the other PV’s I noticed her more often due to her hair. I love short hair. Girls who look good in short hair look good in any hairstyle. That’s why I want to see if that PASSPO member will actually become bald. She might surprise us and look fantastic.

    Also, I agree with your points in the viewer question. I really don’t think America is ready for mainstream Asians. There are no Asians in that are popular that doesn’t do martial arts or make fun of their own race. Idols will probably not work. I like Dae’s point about anime fans and how even they would not care. Meeting several anime fans, I noticed they don’t care at all about anything besides the anime part of Japan and wouldn’t like idols. It made me a bit sad seeing self-proclaimed “fans of Japan’s” iPods and seeing nothing but anime songs. They will be really disappointed when they find out even anime is niche in Japan.

    Oh yea. I disagree about the thing at the end about people thinking married idol fans are less creepy. I would honestly believe that people would find it more creepy because they would see it as a already committed guy watching videos of cute underage girls or they would wonder what’s wrong with the woman married to the guy. I think idol fans are less looked down upon if they are young and single.

    Sorry for rambling on and on. But great show. I really enjoyed it.

  2. lol Tron you know I just asked the question to see how riled up you would get because I know you are a die hard Bulls fan lol. At this point with AKB, I can see them being the female Johnny’s if they can sustain enough popularity in the years to come. They are attracting a lot of girls, just as Nogizaka has like 6 girls who use to be in former idol groups

  3. Sayumi is 163cm

  4. All Tron needs to uncover his Niigaki merchandise is simply throw a surprize birthday party for her, decorate the house with all of it, when she asks what he’s done just say he wanted to surprize her. Then after when she asks what to do with all of he can say, “Well this stuff was kind of expensive, and its rare.” Then she will let him keep the stuff and Tron will live happily ever after. And the hair preference, me, I don’t have a preference but I do think there are some people who might not suit a certain color. At the moment I’m trying to decide which color I like more on Kobayashi Kana, she looks good both brown and black. I think I prefer Kikuchi Ayaka’s hair brown-ish but I didn’t really take much notice of her hair until she dyed it brown then I saw and thought wow, that looks cool. I agree with SleepyOtaku that it just depends on the girl, for example I couldn’t really see brown suiting Komori Mika but I’m usually surprized when I think something along those lines with other members and end up likeing there new hairstyles, when I first saw Sato Sumire with the bun thing she does I was like “Whats that?” but now I see and think its the coolest thing ever. Most the time with members if I don’t like a new hairstyle they have I end up getting used to it and begin to like after a while anyway. And JKT48, will their music be similar to Jpop or more like Indonesian style? So what ever happened to HKT? Are they still around?

  5. I feel for you tron. Although I didn’t follow Ogawa Saki at the start of her egg days, she immediately caught my attention since the formation of smileage. I remember when every member in the group was a bit timid in the beginning but not Saki, she had a personality that was naturally humorous and upbeat in any given situation. Saki’s personality immediately piqued my interest in finding out more about her egg days, so I backtracked and watched some of her older performances and I remember being completely shocked and awed by her talent. Excuse the cliched statement, but personally, I felt that Saki was born to be an idol. It seemed as if everything from singing to dancing came naturally to her. Even though she’s gone, I still have maeda yuuka and dawa to look forward to, but Saki’s absence will always be a huge void that can never be filled. Everytime Smileage sings one of their older songs, I’ll be reminded of saki and when they sing new songs I’ll think about how great that line would’ve been if it were sung by Saki. This all sounds pretty pathetic of me, but damn it, Saki was an idol that would brighten up my shitty days. Her abrupt departure was like finding out your dog had passed away while you were out and you didn’t even get the chance to properly say goodbye.

    I came across this vid that chronicles some of Saki’s egg days. I thought I’d share.

    For me, the only bright side to this unfortunate turn of events is Ikuta Erina taking on Saki’s role in Oha Star. Erina is my favorite member from 9th gen and it quells some of my disappointment about saki’s absence from the show.

    On a side note, does anyone else think that Sayashi Riho looks like Tsuyoshi from SMAP? I don’t mean that in a bad way. Their facial structures are so similar that they could almost pass off as relatives. They especially look similar when they smile.

  6. You asked for opinions on Tron hiding his interest in Morning Musume from Niigaki, and I think that’s the only option he has. If there is anything I know about women, it’s that you don’t get a woman by being her fan, you have to make her into a fan of yours. This is especially true of attractive women because they are so used to guys lusting after them that you can only stand out by not doing so…basically sitting back and making them wonder why you aren’t coming after them like everyone else. It works every time but Tron just needs to decide which is more important to him honesty/integrity or landing Niigaki because he may not be able to have both.

    • “basically sitting back and making them wonder why you aren’t coming after them like everyone else.”

      This could really backfire on a guy. Girls will either think they’re unconfident, they’re just simply uninterested in the girl in question, or they’re just interested in men. :p

      No, in all seriousness, having a quality that is unique unto you will make anyone appreciate your presence. Your statement about making her a fan of yours is good advice to follow on.

  7. If Tron’s grand plan of landing Niigaki actually comes off he should publish a book on how to woo women. He’d make an absolute fortune because he obviously knows something that the rest of us guys don’t.

    As far as the hair thing goes; I think it pretty much depends on the girl in question. Certain styles and colours just work better on different girls or in some cases certain styles fail horrendously and should never be spoken of again.

    Great show as always guys. Love me weekly dose of idol talk.


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