NSK059 – Old Shriveled…

Recorded August 19th, 2011.

This week on NSK…

Ketchup Please
– Oshima Yuko’s Wailing
– Kawashima Umika in 9nine?
– Tron’s Card Quest

– C-ute – Sekai Ichi Happy na Onna no ko PV
– New S/mileage Sub-members


– Berryz Koubou Sales Numbers (Tsunku Sings)
– S/mileage PB

-DiVA Sales Numbers
-NMB’s Second Single
-AKB48 no Konto
-Shimada Rena Scandal Again?
-Mori Anna & Oba Mina Scandal?

-Sakurai Sho is a Heavy Smoker?
-Hirano Aya Resigns
-Exile in Dance Central 2??!?!
-Tsuji’s Beach Body

Viewer Question: Idol Mannerisms in Real Life Friends (SleepyOtaku)

Discussion: Tron & Dae not allowed to date Shinoda Mariko…

Uchouten Love – S/Mileage
New Day – Bump.y
Otona ni wa Nari Takunai Hayaku Otona ni Naritai – Berryz Kobo
CONTRADICTION – Momoiro Clover


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Kawashima Umika

9nine – Natsu wanna say love U (Kawashima Umika)

C-ute – Sekai Ichi Happy na Onna no ko PV

Tsuji’s Bikini Shot


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  1. I am excited for the AKB comedy skit show. There are a lot of really funny members on AKB and I hope their humor can translate on an official comedy show. Hopefully, there will be subs to be found… The scandal also scares me a bit. I really hope it isn’t true since compensated dating would really hurt my view on this girl.

    Thanks for answering my question again. You guys answered it exactly as I wanted you to. I personally feel like my favorite idols as girls I would date or befriend and it is interesting to see your views on it.

  2. Thank you David for finally mentioning the group “9nine” because I have been a fan of them for while. That whole thing with Oba and the enjo kousai comments, it is not prostitution. It is the same concept as having a sugar daddy/mom in America. One of my good friends actual does it lol and its there is no sexual exchange involve.

  3. Early on the podcast, I’d like to ask the important funny question of which half of Mano Erina is cuter than Dawa? Will return once I finish listening to the podcast. Cheers.

  4. Ahhh i loved the “The Best of Moments AKBINGO” it was perfect timing because i just started watching AKBINGO too.

  5. I don’t get you Tron; you’ll watch something like Jersey Shore before you watch any of the popular/good movies that you’ve never seen.

    You’re weird dude.

  6. I love it when David rips into Tsunku, as he often does, because some of the decisions he and the other big wigs at UFA make are ridiculous…they defy business sense and conventional logic and seem to based on Tsunku’s mystical feelings, such as when he knew Koharu would be his new ace.

    As far as Smileage goes, I don’t really agree with way they handle some of these situations. For instance, when Smileage had their year anniversary concert and they were all excited about receiving all these videos of praise from their seniors (like Yaguchi Mari) then Tsunku shows up on video and takes a huge dump on their party by announcing they are going to have new member auditions. That was kind of a dick move, even for Tsunku.

    As much as I love AKB, I’m not really looking forward to the new show because I think they would be better served to just add a sketch Segment to AKBingo. A whole show of AKB sketch comedy may be too much. I think they are making a huge mistake right now of overexposing their girls and they are going to make people sick of seeing them much sooner than they would otherwise. I’ve always praised their management for making some pretty good decisions but lately they are starting to trip up. Some examples of this are, Itano’s English interview (ouch), the Flying get PV, scandals abound, and too much exposure. I also think the local support for the groups like NMB might hurt the overall vision in the long run as rivalries develop and fans choose to follow only one of the groups. Then instead of having one hugely popular AKB48, you end up with a bunch of groups with mediocre popularity. Because no matter how hard you try it’s gotten impossible to follow them all and people are already having to choose. I think AKB is already beginning their decent, all the signs from the Morning Musume collapse are there and it’s just a matter of time now.

    • Wow. I did not hear about that Itano interview until you mentioned it. I just googled it and wow. That interview is freaking scary…

      • While the actual interview was an atrocity, the fact that it was made for the DVD extra of her single made it pretty negligible. It was an “english” interview made for Japanese fans, if that made any sense, haha. As far as too much exposure goes, I’m not sure I’ve never really seen Japan “burn out” on something. Some of Japan’s largest franchises are also the longest running, and I think a pretty large part of that has to do with them constantly being on television. A large part of Morning Musume’s decline from society’s eyes was their disappearance from TV.

        I do think as more 48 groups emerge that resources may start to run thinner and it could stretch their audiences’ attention span(like it’s doing to me). But people who follow every 48 group are probably in the minority, and I think local communities will be sufficient enough to support their idols. And seeing how SKE isn’t under AKS and recently changed labels to Avex, I think Akimoto is ok with sharing the work instead of keeping everything under his direct control and in-house. I am starting to worry about AKB though because they have been stumbling more than I’ve been comfortable with this year, but we still got a quarter of a year left so we’ll see.

        • I guess to touch on the subject of attentions and resources being spread too thin I should tell everyone what I personally do and don’t follow…

          So I pretty much ignore SDN for the most part because if I’m being honest their music doesn’t really grab me. I fully appreciate that they’re trying to do something different but it’s really just not my bag. I do enjoy the Lady Gaga inspired music videos that they put out though.

          NMB are pretty easy to follow because I managed to get in on the ground floor with them. I know a lot of the members and think their music is great and their TV work is also entertaining to me. The video for Zetsumetsu got a bit weird with the costume change near the end but as long as they don’t go too crazy with stuff like that I think I’ll be fine.

          SKE, well I have to follow them right? Not that it’s all about Jurina all the time either. I was kinda late to the SKE party because I only got on-board with Gomen ne Summer but after going back and listening to everything else they’d done I found it hard to find a song that I didn’t like. I don’t follow too much of their TV work but I check out the odd show here or there if it seems interesting.

          AKB is actually the interesting one in that I don’t follow much of what they put out outside of their music releases and what certain members do. This is simply because there’s just far too much media being released by them for me to possibly keep up with everything. I pretty much watch AKBINGO! and listen to their music and that’s it.

          Man, I should start my own blog or something. What with all of these huge posts that I’m making in these comment sections.

          • Heh. You seem follow AKS better than I do. I completely ignore NMB and SDN media performances and only have listened to a few singles. For SKE and AKB, I am up to date on all their music releases and watched most of their PVs but I never really watched their TV appearances besides their dramas and variety shows.

            Hell, I only started watching AKBINGO and Shukan a few weeks ago so I have been spending time trying to catch up on subtitled episodes. And I still have not finished AKB’s dramas…

            I just can’t consume idol content like Tron, Dae and David can…

      • “Scary” certainly is one way of describing it, that’s for sure. Probably one of the most polite ways too.

  7. Thanks for this weeks podcast. Interesting as always.

  8. epic comment from Tron: “I think I could woo (Mariko)”

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