NSK055 – NMB & A Bottle of Milk

Recorded July 24th, 2011.

This week on NSK, Japan wins the World Cup, Moon Geun Young makes an impression on David, NMB too risque?, Unsuccessful Winking, and a discussion about SCANDAL & Photobooks.

Tsumiki no Jikan – SKE48

Tokimeki no Ashiato – SKE48 Shirogumi
Papa wa Kirai – SKE48 Akagumi
Come On! – Itano Tomomi



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  1. The girl David is referring to in the NMB video is Yamada Nana(the milk and bra scene). I was not surprise by the direction of the pv considering this is what NMB has been doing for a while. Every since the Gravure photo shoot with their top 3 members: Yamamoto Sayaka (18), Watanabe Miyuki (17), Yamada Nana (19), management has pushed the sexual innuendo with them within many different things (mostly photo shoots). Also Ishida Anna made it past the first round but lost in the 2nd

  2. lol this whole discussion about the nmb video

  3. Really I don’t care much for sports, but when I heard about Japan and USA playing for the World Cup I watched it. So much so I had to school myself on some rules. Both teams played really well. I am glad Japan won, the Japanese needed that win. I know it well help boost moral.

    I wished a link to the song was posted, but I still managed to see the preview at least. I don’t know how I feel about girls in those type of… Anyways, I can see why NMB did it.

    Answering shirt questions is rough sometimes. I’ve been to Chicago. I was not impressed for more than a few reasons. The gas prices are just another reason why I wouldn’t like living there. I live in Louisiana and have heard Texas is great from some of my family that visited. It’s not bad down here. You could probably find friends who wont ask the ‘tough’ shirt questions. I know it means less coming from me, than David.

    Good show.

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