NSK054 – So Many New Releases

Recorded July 14th, 2011.

After an off week, we’re back talking about fan made Idol merchandise, the end of Majisuka 2, the new Hana Kimi, a boat load of new Idol releases, and predictions of the future of specific Idol groups.

*UPDATE* Here is the link to boykun’s AKB T-shirts. Go there and get some akb gear! http://theyep.yolasite.com/

My Days For You – Mano Erina

10carat no Tokimeki – Mano Erina
Love Wars (Kasai ver.) – Queen & Elizabeth
Fuini – Itano Tomomi



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  1. It was actually Watanabe Miyuki that was in Kachuusha with Yamamoto Sayaka, not Kinoshita Haruna. I’m only pointing this out because Watanabe is my oshimen of NMB48 and I have to support my girl, so yeah. :D

    • No, you’re right. I realized it after the show. I should have made a note but thanks. I saw Kinoshita on the gestures game episode and got the two mixed up.

      I’m rooting for both Watanabe and Yamamoto, too bad they’re not going to be in the Janken Tournament.

  2. As far as I know josei is a manga and anime genre directed towards women as opposed to shoujo which is directed towards girls.

  3. “I think I want catch up please” lmaoo smh. Anyways, that NMB48 performance on Hey! Hey! Hey! was pretty awesome. I didnt notice that they are some pretty decent dancers until the live performance. With “Flying Get”, I think I would be ok with it if it was a b side song but to be the main single, I dont like honestly. Seeing them perform it twice already did not sell me even though it wasnt their fault that they dont know the choreography that well yet. Out of the 3 48 group’s singles for this summer, “Flying Get” is the weakest imo. Also, I have to agree with David with this month being the best month for idols. There is so much music that I am constantly updating my playlist. The drama Kitahara is in is called “Rokudenashi Blues” but for some reason no subbing group has not picked it up yet and its almost been 3 eps.

  4. Great show, it made me laugh alot, also I’m really looking forward to the Janken this year. The black ranger has 9 fingers! Just brilliant.

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