NSK052 – Heading to Los Angeles

Recorded June 27nd, 2011.

This week on NSK…. Eguchi Aimi goes mainstream, Idol Music At Work, Supergirls, VMAJs, AKB Blu-Ray Collection, New H!P Singles, Sayashi Riho Promotions and a discussion about Sakura no Shiori.


Kuchibiru Furezu – no3b


– Diva





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  1. god aryton is just one of the greatest personalities ever xD

  2. Can’t wait to listen to it.

  3. bluedarkness12

    The Super girls avg age is around 17 if I can remember but 2 of the girls are like 13/14 (I don’t remember who exactly they are). The whole Eguchi Aimi is completely played out by now. I even saw it on a few news channels here in NYC running the story. I didnt even care much for it even when she was first announced. I think the most hilarious headline I have seen about it was something like “Does Justin Beiber have a new competition, a CGI singer?” (something like that).

  4. it was brilliant when tron read from the predictions list hahaha

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