NSK048 – There’s Something About Maeda

Recorded June 6th, 2011.

This week on NSK…. Dreaming about Maeda Atsuko, AKB iPhone Apps, Fried Chicken, New Momoiro Clover, FLOWER, and Takahashi Ai goes back to brown.


Kodou no Himitsu -Tokyo Girls Style


Everyday, Katchyuusha (Instrumental) – AKB48
You-holic – SNSD
Iikagen no Susume – AKB48



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  1. blueddarkness12

    At least you guys get good idol dreams. Whenever an idol appears in mine, they are like extras in the background. One dream I was hosting a party and Itano was working for me as a like a waiter (like in the “Sakura No Ki Ni Narou PV”) and she was suppose to go around and pour drinks for people. I asked her nicely to pour me a glass and then she pour 3 glasses, drank them herself and then quit right in front of me bc she said she is tired of doing this. I just have bad luck in my dreams I guess

  2. I had a dream about Maeda once. I had convinced her to come to a Japanese high school. When she got there Nagisa no Cherry started playing and everyone was dancing to it. Then, she asked me what my last name was in english.

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