NSK045 – Bow-Legged Sharks

Recorded May 22h, 2011.

NSK sits down this week to talk about the new Morning Musume covers, Mano Erina’s new single, MM’s graduation concert, AKB’s newly promoted member, Kojima’s fainting spell, greedy fake camera men, talent in the idol industry, and more.


Candy Pop – Kikkawa Yuu


Chou Wonderful – C-ute
Sayonara Namida – Kikkawa Yuu



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  1. I enjoyed the uncensored beginner pv. I was impressed with how the director took his interpretation of the lyrics and turned that into a concept that visually resonates with the songs message. The entire pv is like an allegory of living an inert lifestyle or maybe breaking away from conformity. Looking at the english translated lyrics, there are lines like, “Are we dreaming?” “Let’s tear off the chains that controlled us” and “Aren’t we wasting our life?” I feel like the pv represents “dreaming” as being in this video game world and the death sequences with the depleting life bar represents the people who are wasting their lives away. I like the part where maeda in the video game world is stabbed through her right hand, allowing her to reawaken in the real world and then she rips away the tubing that binds her as if relinquishing herself of the burdens that plague her. Overall, I didn’t find the pv to be all that graphic, but I understand how the death sequences may have been extremely offensive to some.

    As for kojima supposedly fainting, i didn’t realize it might have been a false story from a tabloid, either way it was great to hear everyone’s thoughts on the work ethic of an idol. Whatever the case may be, I find it unsettling and somewhat inspiring that while an idol is smiling, there’s a possibility that she’s struggling to maintain composure due to poor health.

    I’m also surprised that none of you brought up Mayu’s nude photobook cover. I personally found the cover to be kind of awkward. When I think of Mayu, I think of cute, not sexy.

  2. I think Hello Project should do the same thing with Mano Erina that they did with Fujimoto Miki…When they felt like her solo career wasn’t going strong enough they put her in Morning Musume and it strengthened the group and gave them another R&B style voice.

    Adding Mano Erina to the 10th generation, as a big surprise, would would help her career and bring the fans she’s gained as a soloist over to follow her with MM and give them a much needed boost. We all know how Tsunku loves show up, in person or by video, and drop a surprise on the girls and this would be good one.

    Plus Mano Erina has the sort of super cuteness that helped Konno Asami sell a ton of merchandise for Morning Musume, despite not having much of a singing role.

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