NSK044 – One Hot Mess

Recorded May 16h, 2011.

This week NSK talks about Hatsune Miku coming to Anime Expo, impressions of Kikkawa Yuu’s first single, Morning Musume’s ‘Only You’, and Berryz’s ‘Ai no Dangan’, Atsuko in the Hana Kimi remake, Sashihara’s comments on AKB, SNSD’s Japanese album and more; it’s a hot mess.


Kikkake wa Yuu – Kikkawa Yuu


Tobenai Agehachou – AKB Undergirls
Sexy Boy – Morning Musume
Kakkowarui I Love You – French Kiss
Hatsune Miku no Shoushitsu – Hatsune Miku



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  1. bluedarkness12

    tron, you havent used the word “hot mess” wrong. I have always used it as a negative comment. Seeing Hatsune Miku would be a good experience bc I only want to see visually myself with my own eyes how it is in person. Besides that, I dont really care about her. If I can’t get a handshake from my idol I am not going to care as much lol. At least with Hatsune Miku there wont be a guy trying to steal a water bottle of hers

    • Maybe it’s regional(?) but where I grew up, it always meant “hot(attractive) mess”; guess no one can trust what people say if they get called that.

      And I agree, I can’t get excited for the actual character of Hatsune Miku, but luckily the situation and execution is unique enough to generate interest from a pretty wide audience who are just curious. Your comment also made me wonder if there are going to be any Hatsune Miku “presence” as far as events, like a Q&A, red carpet, opening ceremonies, etc.

      It’s hard being virtual.

      • I’ve always thought that “hot mess” meant you looked pretty rough/dishevelled/etc but there was still something attractive about you (UK here, since we’re speculating regional differences).

        Great show as always guys.

      • Where I grew up, nobody knew what it meant and still don’t (most of them), but would probably think as “hot(attractive) mess”.

        And god dammit, but the fast forward song from Miku is just hilarious.
        I wonder how someone would dance to it hahaha.

        I’m looking forward for the next podcast.

  2. I find the whole appeal to Hatsune Miku really interesting and strange, just because I want to understand why someone would like Vocaloid. So I tried looking briefly on the net (like right now) “why do you like hatsune miku” and found mostly stuff like how people like the music, her appearance, her production, but I noticed almost to the point where people disregard the fact that she’s 2D. So maybe its all these things put together outweigh the fact that shes not real, like maybe like the pretend part? Its kind of the same with idols, the enjoyment of everything that they produce to the point where you sort of forget reality. I don’t know, but I’m with you guys on that the real vs. not real deal – I’d take “FLESH LEMON NI NARITAI NO” over Miku. If you guys go to the concert, you should come up with interview questions just for the fans and be like “Hey, we’re from New School Kaidan, and we would like to ask you questions about Hatsune Miku” because we want to understand why people like Vocaloid.

    • That sounds like a great idea, missingno, I’d like to see the same.

      I took a listen to the new Morning Musume single that’s coming up. Not bad…

  3. The person who pulled down the guy by his collar was Ogawa Saki, David. I agree with Atron, Ogawa Saki is really cute. But for me personally, Saki’s personality is her greatest quality. Out of all the S/mileage members, she has the most humorous personality. Whenever she’s doing any promotional appearances for tv, she’s very animated and just naturally funny. Plus, she loves to smile. There’s never a moment where she doesn’t smile. She really lives up to the group name, S/mileage.

    I love Momusu’s new single. It kind of takes me back to when I was really into Gundam. Only You’s sound is really reminiscent of that. I could see this new single as an ending theme for the next Gundam franchise. Whether or not that’s a good thing is up for you to decide. I also find the lyrics to be acceptable. There’s an english sub on youtube somewhere. The lyrics are not overly lovey dovey, instead it’s more of a motivational song.

  4. Another good podcast guys!

    Thanks David for making me feel old to by the way, talking about floppy discs at school and stuff, I was like hey, I remember those…. dammit!!!

    Also dunno if you know about a site called Supermerlion or not but go there and check out thier report on AKB in Singapore, they have a picture in there you have to see, you will Know which one when you see it!

  5. ^

    screw it I’ll put the link in for you


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