NSK043 – WANTED: Water Bottle Thief

Recorded May 9th, 2011.

This week’s show had so much discussion that it had to split it into two parts!  On this show NSK discusses Berryz-related events in Seattle, idols in film, Morning Musume’s 10th generation audition announcement, Moshidora, and pink soda, all while Tron battles sleep and tries not to get caught by his father. Part 2 is on the way!


SCANDAL – Future


SCANDAL – Sakura Goodbye
AKB48 – Kurumi to Dialogue
SCANDAL – Sayonara My Friend



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  1. Hey guys, first time commenting here on this page, have listened to your podcasts for a while now and find myself enjoying them for some unknown reasons.

    So just really a post to say I’m here and thanks for your work so far!

    • Thanks for the support! We love getting comments and opinions on our show so I hope you continue to support us and tell your friends about the podcast =).

  2. ObnoxiousRelay

    I’ll be listening to this later on in the week, looking forward to it.

  3. Great podcast, but do try to say anything nice about Momusu for a change. It seems like all you do is bash them all the time. Even the rare compliment is couched between jeers and insults.

  4. Awesome show guys, first time listener. About your talk of Sakura-Con….the French guy who won the “Berryz signed message to America”, he won Chinami’s. Also, he was not working for UpFront, but he was Sakura-Con staff (Guest relation, security)…if I remember correctly. I remember reading somewhere on Sakura-Con’s forum, or another forum, he signed up to work staff just to get close to Berryz all weekend. This is not the other French guy who blogs for UpFront. And FYI, at least 2 Berryz water bottles were stolen after the Q&A. I’m an Admin of the forum (Hello! Online) you were talking about, and I am not proud of what our members have done. In no way does Hello!Online support these kind of criminal activities.
    Keep up the good work guys.

    • I just want to say only one member stole a water bottle the Momoko one was taken by someone else. So Don’t make all the People on H-O seem bad because we aren’t.
      So Please stop acting like you know it all…..

  5. your facts are all wrong! XD

  6. There’s one other pink soda. It’s Schweppes Raspberry Ginger Ale.

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